Since 2001, WDUQ reaches the most listeners of any public radio outlet in the region. Over the course of 50+ years, the weekly audience has grown to approximately 160,000 listeners in the tri-state region. WDUQ has received national recognition in the public radio system as a leader in news, jazz and other music and spoken word programming. Each year, WDUQ radio programs are produced and distributed nationally and internationally.

WDUQ’s on-air studio

As a community resource, WDUQ partners with more than 50 nonprofit cultural and civic organizations each year to help present 175+ community events. These organizations deal with health, hunger, aging, children, housing, other human services, literacy, education, conservation and the environment, music, visual arts, theater, poetry, community festivals, dance, film, cultural heritage and small business development.

WDUQ has an ongoing commitment to the visually disabled through the Radio Information Service, which broadcasts readings of printed materials through a WDUQ subcarrier channel.

The future may provide WDUQ with new opportunities to expand and enhance its service. Developments in digital radio may offer additional programming options. The internet continues to not only increase the size of WDUQ’s audience but also to provide other ways to serve listeners and members.

It’s an exciting time for WDUQ. Stay tuned.