HD Radio

DUQ listeners who have an HD Radio tuner can now get more of what they like, be it news, jazz or NPR. Listeners with traditional radios will be unaffected by the new technology, but those with a proper receiver will discover that digital radio provides two distinct advantages:

  • CD quality audio, making DUQ’s jazz sound better than ever.
  • The ability to get additional audio streams for free from a single frequency.

DUQ was the first public radio station in Pittsburgh to embrace HD Radio technology and the first public station to broadcast multiple streams.

Currently, listeners with an HD Radio tuner have the option of three DUQ programmed channels from which to choose.

The traditional radio broadcast of News, Jazz and NPR. Click here for a complete program schedule.

Additional NPR programming not currently heard in the Pittsburgh market, plus jazz and news from BBC World Service. Click here for a complete program schedule.

Pittsburgh’s Blues Channel, a 24-hour all-blues music format featuring local and national blues musicians.

Additional information on HD Radio receivers can be found at the following sites:

Boston Acoustics
Polk Audio
Audio Design Associates

For more information about DUQ’s HD Radio broadcasts, click here to download the press release “WDUQ 90.5 FM — First Pittsburgh Radio Station With Muliple Channels on HD Radio”.

For more information about HD Radio, visit www.hdradio.com.