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Ecig Business Is For Young And Old Entrepreneurs

Chelsea October 7, 2013 0

Ecig business is one that has been acclaimed for its fast growth, despite being on its infancy stage. Its worth has already surpassed the $1 billion projection for this year. More and more tobacco

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Electronic Cigarettes Effective Tools When Transitioning Off Tobacco

Chelsea October 4, 2013 0

Logic Technology, provider of finest electronic cigarettes, has funded a study that aimed to determine if the devices can serve as effective tools to reduce tobacco use.  This expanded clinical study has apparently concluded

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Smoking Regulations Reminders Before School Starts

Chelsea October 2, 2013 0

Before the new 2013-2014 school year starts, Madison County Health board reminded local schools, cities, law enforcers and residents about the smoking regulations and laws that were enacted last year. These laws promote the

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