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Vaping is the so-called future of smoking, but one that is healthier, safer and environmentally friendlier.  Yet, making the switch is not as easy as it seems when you think about the numerous brands to choose from.  White Cloud review will give you an insight about a brand to consider over the others.

White Cloud Ecigs was formed in 2008 as one of the pioneer electronic cigarettes in the USA.  From then on, this company has continued to land at the top as among the most trusted and widely chosen electronic cigarette brands.

Amazing Things About White Cloud Ecigarettes

Unparalleled Battery Performance.  One of the many things customers like about this brand and acclaimed by White Cloud ecig review is that the batteries perform excellently.  Rather than lithium ion, White Cloud uses lithium polymer models. With this, a smoker can take a draw from the device 8-9 seconds nonstop. No other brands in the market can compare with this feature.

Charging batteries also do not take long with this brand.  All it takes is less than an hour for a battery to reach full charge. Plus, batteries are also designed with an amazing system for shock absorption so they will not easy get damaged when dropped or spilled with liquid.

Caters To Various Preferences.  White Cloud ecigarette review also approves this brand for offering many options that will fit people’s different needs and options.  Initially, it offered the original Cirrus product, which has become the most preferred of all electronic cigarettes.

In 2010, the company launched its Cirrus 2 for those who want something lighter and smaller than the original Cirrus.  Despite being smaller, this newly added product still comes close or even surpasses the performance of its predecessor.

Less than a year after, the Cirrus 3 was launched, which is the smallest of the three flagship products.  Being the smallest does not mean it is the least in terms of performance. In fact, it is the most stable of all batteries offered by White Cloud electronic cigarettes.

Soon, more products and models were offered by the company to its growing base of clients.

Genuine Smoking Experience. To say that vaping offers genuine smoking experience means giving smokers the convenience and the simplicity in terms of the device’s construction and design.  To enjoy vaping, a smoker needs to find the familiar sensations that he/she used to get from old fashioned smoking.

If the user still needs to assemble, disassemble, clean, maintain or refill the device, then it will not be a close to the real thing experience.  With this brand’s advanced designs, vaping will be hassle free. Just attach the main components and you can readily draw and puff from your electronic cigarette.

The trouble of e-liquid refilling is also a problem solved from this company. It offers cartridges that are already filled with e-liquid so you can immediately vape.  No clogs, no leaks, no drips; just pure convenience and enjoyment in vaping.

Higher Potency. You could search all over and perhaps you will not find any other brand that offers higher liquid potency. Electronic cigarette brand White Cloud is the first and the single brand that offers double extra strength nicotine liquids that will surely provide strong and intense throat hits.

Customized To Your Lifestyle. Other brands may be proud to offer devices in the usual white and brown/tan color scheme that makes an electronic cigarette looking more like a traditional cigarette. Yet, this is exactly what regulators are finding undesirable about electronic cigarettes.

Taking on an appearance like that of the abhorred cigarettes will surely take a smoker to the disdainful position in society.  White Cloud electronic cigarettes review will tell you that with this brand, this problem can be resolved.

There are 274 Vapor Jacket skins that you can choose from to change the ash tips and battery finish of your device. With this, your device will not anymore look like the society’s unwanted cigarettes, but a device that can reflect your moods and personality.

What White Cloud Offers

The Electronic Cigarette Device. All electronic cigarettes could be made due to a common purpose of offering smokers with a better alternative.  Yet, not all electronic cigarettes are created equally. Let us take a look at how the offered device of White cloud electronic cigarette company is unique.

The casing is of rigid metal so that all operational components of the flavor cartridge will be protected and contained.

The Aluminum anode collar allows the battery to be securely attached so that the electrical current may flow effectively to the heating coil. A cathode spindle is dual purpose; acting as a circuit cathode and also as ambient portal for the air.

The spindle grommet is made from silicone that insulates the electrical components in between the cathode and anode.  Vapor stack has a bell trap that serves as coil shield rigid base and fluid migration prevention.

There is a heater coil with five windings that perfectly balances vapor volume and cartridge longevity.  Scavenging whiskers are for increased liquid supply to the heater coil.

High density captive wadding is the barrier in between the low density captive wadding and coil shield.

Starter Kits.  White Cloud offers different kits. All come with an online user manual and warranty. Cirrus 2 Starter kit is for the first time vapers. For only $49.95, the vaper already has two batteries, computer USB charger and five SmoothDraw cartridges.  The warranty is good for six months.

Cirrus 3 starter kit is a lightweight package to have.  At $63.95, it contains three batteries, AC adapter, squid charger and five SmoothDraw cartridges.  Warranty is six months.

The Cirrus 3x kit is the longest lasting of all. For $95.96,  it can last a whole day vaping activity with three batteries, Chargebolt charger, wall adapter and five SmoothDraw cartridges.  The warranty is extended for two years.

Cirrus Variety is for those who like to try all the flagship products from White Cloud ecigs.  The three flagship batteries come with AC adapter, Chargebolt charger and five cartridges.

The brand also offers a kit ahead of the vaping regulations. With Phantom kit, you can have all vaping items that are black so you can enjoy vaping in stealth.

Batteries. Cirrus 2 battery has a life of 7-9 hours or 320 puffs. It needs recharging of 90 minutes to reach full charge capacity.

Cirrus 3 has a life of 5-6 hours or 190 puffs. Recharge this battery for 90 minutes.

Cirrus 3X has 10-12 hours of life or 600 puffs. Recharging time is 120 minutes.

With White Cloud ecig brand review you can say that these batteries are longest lasting of all in the market.  Plus, the charging options from this brand are also superior. A fully discharged battery is typically at 2.7 voltage rating.

Even if your battery is drained below this amount, the ChargeBolt USB charger from this company will safely revive it. Other brands’ chargers cannot possibly do the same.  If you wish to charge all three batteries at the same time, you can also do so with the powerful Squid charger.

Cartridges.  White Cloud is also proud of its cartridge technologies: SmoothDraw and ClearDraw.

With these cartridge innovations, every puff is ensured to deliver a rich flavor that is infused with nicotine in a smooth and easy draw.  These technologies involved the placement of the heater coil at the very core of the cartridge.

With this, no overheating could possible burn the unit or the user’s lips. Vapor delivery is free from any obstructions because of the silicone bell and vapor stack.  This then gives the smoker a very satisfactory draw, eliminating the need for prime puffing.

These technologies also run with low temperature through the 4 watts heater coil so cartridges are basically free from burn.  The cartridge ends up being more durable; the battery does not drain even with very long draw time and the vapor tastes great with no burned lips.

E-liquids, Flavors and Nicotine Potency.  White Cloud review asserts that the cartridges are certainly hassle-free. The atomizer is already en suite in the cartridge so the user will not need to clean or replace the atomizer.

Every cartridge is filled with e-liquids made from 80-90% propylene glycol, 0.5% ethyl acetate, 0-2.4% nicotine, 0.5-4% water, 1-4% flavoring. For the fruit flavored liquids, 3% malic acid is added; 2.5% for vanilla e-liquids, 1% Acetylpyrazine for the chocolate e-liquid, 1% menthol for menthol e-liquid and 10% linalyl alcohol for clove e-liquid.

There are four classes of flavors. Tobacco flavors include Apache, Regular, Atlantic Cut and Bora Bora.  Menthol class has Snap, Menthol, Zero K and Iced Berry. You can have Strawberry, Banana, Peach Pit, Bad Apple and Limecoconut for fruity flavors. Exotic flavors are Kick, Espresso, Chocolate and Vanilla.

With White Cloud electronic cigarette company, you even have a convenient resource guide for choosing your nicotine strength; something that White Cloud review can say is not readily available from other brands.

If you are a heavy smoker with 2.5 or more packs of cigarette consumption a day, your ideal strength of nicotine is Double Extra Strength 5.4% with a very harsh throat hit.

Above average smokers consuming 2-2.5 packs of cigarettes a day is recommended with Extra Strength 3.6% with harsh throat hit.
Average smokers with daily consumption of 1-2 packs a day may find satisfaction from the stout throat hit of Full Strength 2.4%.
Light Smokers who can use up to one pack a day will find the moderate throat hit of Light strength 1.6% to their liking.

Very Light Smokers can finish one pack in a whole week or probably less can be satisfied with the very mild throat hit from Ultra Light Strength 0.8%.

Finally, occasional and casual smokers with less than one pack consumption in a week can enjoy rich flavors with no nicotine e-liquids.
Disposables.  In case it is your first time to vape or first time to try this brand, you can consider getting yourself one of the disposables offered.  Unlike other brands with very limited flavors in their disposable devices, Fling disposables are available at full strength in 19 exciting flavors.  You can buy Fling in singles, 5-pack, 10-pack, 25-pack and 100-pack.

Accessories.  Under the accessories section are various products to avail.  If you want to feel secured longer, you can buy the 2-year extended warranty.  You can also buy lanyard, clamshell cases, single device cases, Euro AC adapter and even White Cloud T-shirt.

Satisfaction From The Vapor

‘Fantastic’, is how consumers describe the vapor production of White Cloud ecigs.  In light of the White Cloud review, this is something to commend about the brand.  Its name exactly describes what you can expect to get with each puff of your device.  Not just cloud, but clouds of white, harmless vapor that delivers smooth and intense flavors with satisfying throat hit.

Getting The Value For Money

Other brands’ cartridge can only give a number of puffs the same as the number of puffs from 1-1.5 packs of cigarettes. Although the duration of a cartridge will depend on your depth and frequency of puff, a ballpark for White Cloud cartridge is 2 cigarette packs. This means the brand offers more value for a smoker’s money.

Moreover, your cartridge purchases are even backed with replacement guarantee. In case you are given a defective SmoothDraw cartridge, download the appropriate form, fill it out and send it along with the defective cartridge to the company’s warranty department.

Six months warranty will cover battery and charger defects.  If you availed of the 2-year extended warranty, you can enjoy trouble-free exchanges on any White Cloud locations.

Your credit card account is also protected because if you buy any product online for the first time, the payment will not be processed until you complete the verification process.  Be reminded, however, about the customer duties you need to shoulder for international shipping.

There are also coupons and discount codes that are offered frequently. Sign up on the dedicated page of the website to receive special offers from White Cloud electronic cigarettes.  You can also follow the brand’s Twitter account or like its Facebook page to get regular updates on special promotions and valuable discounts.

Customer Care

Organized and systematic service to customers is what you can surmise based on how the customer service page of the company is presented.  Every type of concerned has its specific section wherein the customer will be able to read instructions on what to do or follow regarding shipping, returns, refunds, order tracking or warranty issues.

There are telephone numbers provided, PO addresses and contact form you can use, along with other online resources to contact the customer service.

Advantages And Disadvantages

White Cloud review shows that from battery life to charging time, vapor production, flavor/nicotine options and more; you are certainly going to feel utmost satisfaction when you choose this brand.

Yet, no single product could perfectly satisfy all users or consumers.  Even if this brand is so satisfactory in its own niche, some people will still prefer manual batteries, which are not offered here.

Some consumers also like to refill their cartridges for better economy.  Still on cost efficiency, many consumers think that White Cloud ecigarettes are more expensive and simply cannot suit a limited budget.

All in all, these drawbacks are still outweighed by the benefits offered by the brand. In conclusion, this White Cloud review says that this brand is something that can make switching from analog to electronic a very worthwhile decision.

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