V2 Cigs Review: Is It A Brand Preferred By Most Consumers?

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Compared to other top electronic cigarettes brands, V2 cigs is most likely the most recently established.  Founded only in 2009, just a little over four years old, the company has already reached astonishing growth and success.  V2 cigs review will help you understand why this brand is preferred by most consumers.

You can check out different review sites and sources; you will surely find V2 cigs ecigs as one highly recommended by many reviewers.  It is due to the many commendable features and offerings of this electronic brand like product consistency and quality control.

Complete V2 Cigs Ecigarette Review

Commitment On Quality Control. This company never takes quality control for granted and does not outsource this task to other parties or subcontractors.

Its own engineers in California and in Florida are the ones who actually design and develop its products.  All of its factories and facilities here in the US and in other countries are approved and certified by international standards.  All subcomponents are from verified reputable suppliers; and are assembled at certified plants, factories and centers of V2 cigs ecigarettes.

After the electrical products are assembled, they are tested daily by the company engineers.  Comprehensive evaluations are also performed on V2 liquids.  Ingredients are offered available to any inquiring customer.

E-liquids and cartridges are assessed for consistency, purity, temperature, impedance and more. Proper labeling is also ensured so that customers will know the batch number and the expiration of the liquid.  They are properly sealed and packed in packages that will be safe even if kids or pets accidentally touch them.

V2 cigs ecig review upholds this brand for the three philosophies it follows on its product production and business operation: high quality, assured consistency and superior performance.

Intuitive Website. V2 cigs electronic cigarettes website is one of the highly perceptive in the industry. It can be easily used to discover more about the brand and to place orders.

Impressive Presentation. One other commendable aspects of this brand that V2 cigs ecigarette review favors is the attractive way products are presented.  Right after you open a starter kit, you can see how each item is neatly placed.  This proper packaging ensures that no component or item will be misplaced during shipping.

Unlike other brands that boast of very similar appearance with traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarette brand V2 chooses to use cartridges with colors the same as the color of the liquid’s flavor. Yet, this does not make the aesthetic feel of the device flashy or cheap.  The surface is matte and cool instead of metallic and shiny.

This makes V2 a more favored choice since it will not draw too much attention and the smoker can vape more comfortably even in public spaces.

Batch Reports.  This facet is also a commendable attribute that V2 cigs ecig brand review regards. This allows the company to set a standard that other companies follow.  It provides transparency of ingredients and quality assurance.

Provide the batch number on the e-liquid label and your e-mail address to V2 cigs and the corresponding batch report will be sent to your inbox.  The report will show uniformity of ingredients and purity of e-liquid.

What V2 Offers

The Electronic Cigarette Device.  The V2 device is made up of two components: battery and flavor cartridge.  These two can be easily attached to one another, but since each kit contains a user manual, it is best that you first read what is written there. One major cause of accidents in using an electronic smoking device is the user’s lack of knowledge about the instrument because he/she disregards the user manual’s importance.

Starter Kits. V2 cigs ecigarettes are available in different kits or packages.  For $34.95, you can buy the Beginners Kit that contains a standard battery in white color, 6 Flavor cartridges, Express charger and disposable device.

For $59.95 is the Standard Kit that contains 2 batteries (choose your switch, length and color), charger kit, 10 flavor cartridges and user manual.

For $99.95 is the Standard Plus Kit. It is inclusive of 2 batteries (your choice of switch, length and color), charger kit, portable charging case, 10 flavor cartridges and user manual.

For $114.95, you can avail the Couples Kit that is great for couples or two people who like to discover vaping with electronic cigarette brand V2 together. It has four batteries (your selected length, switch and color), 2 charger kits, 2 user manuals and 20 flavor cartridges.

For $179.95, you can buy the Ultimate Kit to get all the best in a starter kit.  You can choose three batteries to be included in the kit that also contains a charging kit, an extra large portable charging case, a metal carry case, lanyard, Power Cig, 2 Amp vehicle adapter and user manual.

Disposables.  If it is your first time to try V2 cigs or an electronic cigarette, disposable are your ideal options.  These products are already pre-charged and do not need recharging. They are good until the cartridge lasts.  V2 cigs disposables 400 puffs are available in 1.8% nicotine in either Red or menthol flavors.

Zig-Zag disposables 200 puffs and 400 puffs are also available in 1.8% or 2.4% in Traditional or Menthol flavors.

Batteries. Automatic, as well as manual batteries are available from V2 cigs electronic cigarettes.

When you puff on the device, the automatic battery is activated.  With this, a closer resemblance to a real cigarette is achieved, yet using the automatic battery is still slightly different than old fashioned smoking.  With an automatic electronic cigarette from V2, you need to know how it is primed so you can get the thickest possible vapor.

Priming is done by taking several and successive short strong puffs and then you can take slow, long puffs.  With this action, the e-liquid can be heated to an appropriate temperature and thick vapor can be produced one after another.

As for the manual batteries, there is a small rubber button placed on the body of the cigarette that you need to maneuver before and after taking puffs.  Many prefer manually operated batteries because of better precision and control on vapor thickness.

The right battery is one that suits your needs and likes.  If you prefer a somewhat hands-free and easier to use electronic cigarette, choose automatic. If you are searching for better control and better vapor production, what you need is a manual battery.  V2 cigs review can tell you that regardless of which type of battery you like, you can get it from this brand.

At full charge, the battery can last 4-5 hours if used heavily; a week if used lightly.  Your vaping style and habit will affect the duration of a battery’s charge.

A standard automatic battery can make 250 deep puffs at minimum; extra long is up to 400 puffs.  Vapor volume will be reduced as power diminishes.

A trade off is, somehow, reported by users regarding automatic and manual batteries.  Manual batteries generally produce more vapors, but the flavor is reduced. Automatic batteries produce less vapor, but the flavor is richer and fuller.

Batteries are shipped by V2 cigs electronic cigarette brand at 50% charge.  It may work, but not as exemplary as it should be so you need to fully charge it first after you received your package.

During charging, the LED light should be red and will only become blue once fully charged.  The Express and Smart chargers have advanced interior chip for fast charging and protection from overcharging.

Cartridges. As mentioned earlier with the automatic batteries, priming is necessary to warm the e-liquid inside the cartridge so that vapors in thick volume can be effectively produced.

Place cartridges in dry and cool areas to preserve their freshness. Put the cartridge inside a zip lock bag before refrigerating to avoid moisture buildup.

One flavor cartridge is equivalent to one cigarette pack. How long you will use this will be dependent on your vaping habit and smoking style.  If you can taste a slight burnt flavor or when you notice reduced vapor volume, you need a fresh one already.

E-liquids, Flavors and Nicotine Levels.  What V2 cigs review is also partial to about this brand is that it  allows customers to know what they are buying and using.

There are only several companies like V2 that publish ingredients of their e-liquids and also offer batch reports of flavors and potency of e-liquids.

There are three primary ingredients in a V2 e-liquid: propylene glycol (approved by the FDA as an additive to various other products like asthma inhalers and cake mix), food-grade flavorings and nicotine (if applicable).  A complete and detailed list of ingredients can be downloaded from the company website.

Propylene glycol is most preferred in terms of diluting and vaporizing nicotine liquid.  You can check out a page on V2 website to know more about the uses of propylene glycol.

Various flavors in different potencies are available at V2 store.  Tobacco flavors Red, Congress, and Sahara are in five nicotine strengths: 0%, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8% and 2.4%.

Mint and Menthol flavors Menthol, Peppermint and Mint Tea are also available in these five levels of nicotine.  Specialty flavors Vanilla, Coffee, Chocolate and Cherry; as well as Limited Edition flavors Cola and Grape are in four strengths: 0-1.8%. V2 cigs also offer a Variety pack if you like to sample multiple flavors of e-liquids.

Accessories. The store also has a few accessories offered.  A portable charging case at $49.95 and XL portable charging case at $59.95 are available along with metal carry cases, lanyards and chargers.

Satisfaction From The Vapor

Different factors affect a device’s vapor production. At V2 cigs electronic cigarette brand, its powerful batteries enable users to create as much or as little vapor as they like depending on the strength of puffs.  This brand is preferred by most smokers because of the satisfaction they get from using V2 ecigs no matter what battery or e-liquid flavor or nicotine strength they use. Most users say that this brand lets them enjoy vaping as if they were really smoking a real fag.

Is V2 Worth Your Money

In the field of vaping, V2 cigs review can commend this brand for its cost efficiency. The best value for money is what you can get from this company. It offers starter kits at varying price tags that can fit different budgets.

The cost for a 10 ml bottle of e-liquid is $10. Unlike other brands that offer only cartridges of e-liquids, V2 cigs electronic cigarette offers refills. One cartridge contains about 1 ml of liquid so a 10 ml bottle can refill the cartridge 10 times.

As one cartridge may last as long as 1 pack of cigarettes, the cost per pack will only be equivalent to $1; whereas buying a cigarette pack is at least $4.

Instead of purchasing individual vaping items, buy them in kits to save more.  For example, the starter kit is $34.95. Buying the four included items separately can amount to $47.83; thus, the kit will save you $12.88.

Electronic cigarette brand V2 is also available in retail stores, but one reason you might want to order online is to avail 10%, 15% or even 20% off when you use coupon codes that the company frequently gives away.

Your investment is even secured because of the offered warranty by this brand.  Only up to 5 replacements can be availed through Lifetime Warranty.  This can also be used within 90 days on e-liquids and cartridges. Defective starter kits can be returned within 30 days to get your money back.

Another offering from this company that V2 cigs review approves is the Smoke4Free Program.  Simply refer V2 electronic cigarettes to other people by handing out cards with your discount code. Whenever people use this to purchase from the web store, your account will be credited with $15, which is enough to buy yourself a 5-pack cartridge.  Thus, you basically smoke for free by spreading the good news about this brand.

Customer Assistance

The customer support staff is available all days of the week. You can contact them via telephone or live chat. You can also request for a call back or you may also send inquiries via email. Furthermore, you can also connect with V2 cigs through various online resources like Blog, Forum, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest.

The Good And The Bad

All that a smoker might be looking for in an electronic cigarette when he/she decided to make the switch can indeed be found from this brand.  The size, shape, design and convenience of this brand are very similar to a traditional cigarette. These and the fact that the customer assistance offered is also satisfactory make this brand something that more smokers prefer.

V2 cigs review is not subjective as it not only looks at the positive attributes of this brand. There are also a few things that one might not like from V2 cigs electronic cigarette brand. If you are looking to modify your device, perhaps you should look for something else in the market.

You also need to know that the warranty offered by this company has some exceptions so you are recommended to first read the policy or ask the customer service so you would not be surprised later if your expectations are not met.

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