Green Smoke Review On Being Highly Desired In The Industry

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Green Smoke is one of the first companies to have ventured in this electronic cigarette industry. The aim of this Green Smoke review is to assert why this premier company remains as one of the highly desired brands in the industry.

Five years ago, its founder Sam Capuano saw that there is a great demand for cigarettes, yet, almost everywhere he went, he saw ‘no smoking’ signs.  Being an intuitive engineer and serial entrepreneur that he is, Sam thought of a way to reconcile these issues: electronic cigarettes.

It was then that the Green Smoke electronic cigarette company was established. His business took off at a fast pace, very much like the growth rate of the electronic cigarette market that we can see today.

While other manufacturers are satisfied with just the recent and available technology, Green Smoke ecig review substantiates that this company improved its cutting edge technology and revolutionized it to create a convenient and sleek 2-piece device.

This innovation, developed through the ingenious minds of marketing, technological and scientific top talents that the company hired, is now unmatched in the market.

It constantly remains on the top five preferred brands of electronic cigarettes; offering the perfect choice for smokers who are looking for the best way to switch to digital from analog smoking.

Avant-Garde Technologies

Among the amazing innovations from this company is Flavor Shield.  It is responsible for the full-bodied flavor and amazing smoke production of its FlavorMax cartomizers.

Another is the Green Seal that locks fresh and enhanced flavors inside the cartomizers. There is also Sensor Safe Battery Protection with pending patent that prevents battery impairment from e-liquid and vapor leaks.

Feel Good With Your Smoke

With Green Smoke ecigarettes, you will definitely feel great about what you are inhaling or exhaling.  As one of the biggest online companies offering electronic cigarettes, this company has already sold 21,250,000 products to date all over the world.

The innovation lab of the company continues to develop technologies and innovations that will give smokers everything they might be looking for in a vaping device such as full flavor, great smoke volume and smoking freedom.

Green Smoke ecigarette review approves that this brand will let you enjoy and get nicotine without feeling gouty that you are harming yourself and/or other people.

You will feel good with smoking because you can do it according to your own preferences of liquid flavor, liquid potency and even the color of the LED light (green or red).

Meeting International Standards

At electronic cigarette brand Green Smoke, quality is never compromised.  Its facilities are all certified by international standards.  Every e-liquid batch is evaluated for purity and for consistency by independent and recognized laboratories.

Every cartridge is ensured to consistently deliver high smoke volume. It is sealed three times so that its freshness will not leak out.

Every battery produced is also assessed for safety and ideal airflow. Batteries are already shipped with charge so you can use them immediately.

The company’s team of Engineers, developers and chemists from the USA are working together to provide consumers with highly advanced electronic cigarette that can meet the demands of the smoking future.

Green Smoke’s Offered Products

The Device. This Green Smoke electronic cigarettes review approves the three guiding elements for the creation of this brand’s device.  Smart design is for the minimal screwing needed to attach the battery and the cartomizer together.

Involved in the process of heating the cartomizer in order to create a flavor-filled vapor is simplicity.  This device offers ease of use because you can use it just as you would smoke a regular cigarette; just draw and puff with no buttons to press.

The 2-piece design makes the design a close resemblance to traditional cigarettes, but on a much higher level of performance.  Traditional cigarettes produce repugnant and bitter tasting smoke, but this Green Smoke device creates rich, smooth smoke-like vapor.

Starter Kits. This electronic cigarette device comes in different kits.

At $29.99 is the Essentials kit where basic vaping supplies are included: 2 FlavorMax Cartomizers, 1 rechargeable battery and USB charger. The cartomizers would last as long as 3 packs of regular cigarettes.

If you would like something that will last longer, there is the Express Kit. At $59.97, you already get 5 Flavormax Cartomizers, a rechargeable battery, charging option (USB, wall and car), USB cigarette and carry case.  This can last as long as 7.5 packs.

At $99.97 is the Pro Kit where you can get something to last as long as 15 packs of cigarettes. You get 10 cartomizers, 2 rechargeable batteries, USB cigarette, charging options (USB, Wall and car) plus a carry case. If there are two of you who like to try Green Smoke, you can get the Love Birds Kit, which essentially contains twice as many contents as the Pro kit, but at a lower price of $169.97.

If you like to have all the great stuff from this brand, you can get Ultimate Kit for $129.97 and it includes 10 cartomizers, three batteries, charging options, USB cigarette, standard carry case and regular carry case.

All kits come with 30-day money back guarantee, lifetime warranty and free shipping.

Batteries.  The battery is one of the important life sources of an ecig.  Green Smoke batteries are all automatic; no switch or button to press, just go ahead and start vaping once you received your device.  This makes Green Smoke ecigs a close resemblance to regular cigarettes.

Yet, if you want to enjoy optimum battery performance, unscrew the cartomizer from the battery when not in use.

As mentioned earlier, the batteries are shipped with charge, but only at 70%. It is not really necessary to charge it before taking your first draw, but if you like to have optimum vaping experience, plug it into the charger first before using your electronic cigarette.

The short battery is 4 inches and with rating of 160mAh.  At full charge, it can last for 300 puffs or about 25 cigarettes.  Long battery is 4.6 inches and 270mAh. It can last for 400 puffs or 33 cigarettes.  Recharge time for long battery is 5-6 hours; 4-5 hours for short battery.  Batteries are said to have a lifespan of one year wherein it can be recharged 400 times.

Prevent your battery from overcharging or from being left still plugged to a power source even it the green light is already on. This way, you can increase the lifespan of your device.  Charge also before the battery becomes drained.

The USB cigarette or constant power cigarette is not requiring any recharging. Just plug it to the USB port and it will be ready to use while you surf away on the web.

You can buy a super pack that includes three batteries in any length you choose.  If you want to change the plain color of your battery, you can avail any from the battery designer collection that includes eight different designs to suit your mood.

Cartridges/Cartomizers. Green Smoke ecigarettes offer not the standard cartridges that simply hold the e-liquid. Instead, you are offered with cartomizers or cartridges with built in atomizers.

A FlavorMax Cartomizer that offers rich flavor and more vapor volume can last up to 1.5 packs of regular cigarettes and can produce up to 360 puffs. The number of puffs you can get from one cartomizer will be influenced by the frequency and depth of your puff.

It will remain fresh for 2 weeks once rubber plug is removed and for 18 months if rubber plug is still intact.

E-Liquid. The ingredients of the e-liquid includes vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol that are both USP grade; flavorings and nicotine.  Glycol and glycerin are also used in other common household items like cake mix and food color.

There are 8 flavors that Green Smoke electronic cigarette company offers: Mountain Clove, Smooth Chocolate, Vanilla Dreams, Mocha Mist, Menthol Ice, Tobacco Gold, Red Label Tobacco and Absolute Tobacco.

Not all of these flavors are available in California so you might need to call customer service to inquire about availability of flavors.
In terms of potency, there are five Nicotine Strengths from this brand.  There is non-nicotine at 0%, Ultra light at 0.6%, Light at 1.2%, Full at 1.8% and Strong at 2.4%.

Accessories. Green smoke review asserts that the product catalog of this company does not fall short of useful and equally captivating accessories.

There is the Peek inside Case made of leather.  There is also the Sparkle carrying case which will take your vaping up one fashionable level.

Amount/Quality Of Vapor Produced

It is the combination of two hygroscopic agents, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin that probably creates an amazing vapor production by each Green Smoke device. Green Smoke review will assure you that you will always get a rich and thick vapor that will make vaping akin to smoking. This is an important facet of vaping that should be addressed by electronic smoking devices so that a smoker will remain focused on eliminating the habit of dangerous smoking.

Cost Efficiency

Compared to their traditional cousins, electronic cigarettes are generally friendlier to one’s budget.  The average price of one pack is $6, but depending on where you live, cigarette packs cost $4-12.  With Green Smoke ecigarettes, you can cut down on your smoking expenses because one cartomizer equivalent to 1.5 cigarette packs is only about $3.

There are even times when special offers are available and cartomizers will only be worth $2.65.  You can save a maximum of $1.75 for each pack of cigarettes.

You money becomes even more valuable with the risk-free orders backed with 30 day money back guarantee for all electronic cigarette orders.  Green Smoke electronic cigarette is backed with lifetime warranty.

All orders will be shipped for free within US.  If you live outside the US, you might need to check on the site if your country is among those that the company cannot or does not ship to.  Remember that the shipping fee will not cover any custom duties you need to settle for importing your vaping device.  Major credit cards are accepted mode of payment.

Promos And Discounts. Green Smoke electronic cigarette company periodically offers coupon codes that can be used during checkout.  There are no required minimum purchases to be eligible for the discounts.

Another way this brand offers cost efficiency is the Monthly Refill Program.  It will save you from the hassles of manually placing orders. You need to enroll your credit card for this program that automatically charges your credit account for the monthly e-liquid supplies.

In case you like to unsubscribe, simply log in to your account or call customer service to edit or cancel.

Customer Care

One other thing this Green Smoke review favors is the way the company cares for its customers.  It offers many ways to get in touch with the customer service staff. Live chat services can be used to place orders or to request replacements and making other inquiries.

You can also choose to call its toll free numbers or hotline numbers each in Miami, Florida or in New York.  There are also fax numbers and headquarters address you can use to contact the company.   If you have questions about shipping or delivery, there is a dedicated page to go to on the website.  General inquiries may also be emailed to customer service.

Benefits And Drawbacks

Green Smoke electronic cigarettes help its customers feel at ease and confident by offering many means of communication.  Aside from the ones already mentioned, there are also social media network accounts you can use to stay in touch with the company.  This means that it really values its customers and would like to serve them in any way it can.

Other companies may only provide one or two means of communication. Some would even offer only their contact forms.

Although many smokers complain or criticize Green Smoke’s rather expensive price tags for its products and starter kits, the company tries to offset this by offering promotions and discounts.

Starter kits are offered free cost of shipping while other orders are sometimes shipped free of charge under certain promos.

One drawback that can be said of Green Smoke ecigs is the way the device looks like traditional cigarettes. As much as electronic cigarette use is touted safer because it does not give off tobacco toxins, carbon monoxide and carcinogens, other people might still condemn a user because vaping can be easily mistaken as smoking.  Yet, Green Smoke ecig brand offers a way to make vaping distinctive. It allows you to choose the color of the battery and the color of its tip so it will not completely look like a real cigarette.

Green Smoke review also points out another obvious drawback: few flavors of e-liquid.  Too few flavors can make vaping a boring experience if the user is more of an adventurous person.  Yet, the brand is still highly sought after because of the innovative features its devices and products provide to satisfy the vaping needs of smokers.

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