Blu Cigs Review: Can Blu Make You Blue?

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Perhaps the most memorable year for Blu Cigs is 2013 because it made it in the history as the first electronic cigarette company to be acquired by a Big Tobacco company, Lorillard Inc. (maker of the Newport cigarettes). With $57 million net sales and 40% market share, Lorillard certainly has nothing to be sad about its ecigarette venture.  With this Blu cigs review, you will see if consumers will also not find something to be blue about blu or if the brand is nothing more than just marketing hype.

Blu cigs ecigarettes is one of the pioneer electronic cigarette companies in the US that were established soon after the modern smoking devices were introduced to international market in 2006-2007. The company’s history is one that has gone through many hurdles and achievements that molded it to become one of the most recognized brands in the market.

There certainly are many points about this brand that consumers find satisfactory, if not entirely excellent and through this Blu cigs ecig review, many of these points will be evaluated.

What Makes Blu Cigs Ecigs Distinctive

A Social Electronic Cigarette. This is a two-fold attribute about this brand.  It is more socially acceptable to use an electronic cigarette in general because it produces vapor that is free from the harmful elements of tobacco smoke.

Blu cigs electronic cigarettes are even better because they do not look very much like traditional cigarettes. Blu has a blue tip instead of the red or bright orange tip that other brands have. Other brands claim their devices resemble that of a real cigarette, which can be a problem because it can be easily mistaken for tobacco cigarette that is outlawed in almost all places.

What makes this brand a more social electronic cigarette is that some of its packs are packed with social feature. The case will alert you when you come close to another Blu user or retail store.

Anytime, Anywhere Recharging.   The case that comes with your starter kits is not just an ordinary pack that stores or carries your batteries and cartridges.  The pack actually allows you to recharge your device even while you are on the go.  You also have other means to resuscitate your batteries using a wall charger, a USB charger or a car charger.

Widespread Availability. Other brands may be offered only online, but electronic cigarette brand Blu can be purchased from over 80,000 retail stores across the USA.

What Blu Offers

Electronic Cigarette Device. It shares the same shape and size with a traditional cigarette, but is packed with more innovations.  Traditional cigarette is rolled in paper, while an electronic smoking device is in a metal casing.  The operation is simple, the battery inside will heat up the liquid in order to create vapors that a smoker can puff to obtain nicotine and/or flavors.

Yet, not all ecigs in the market are the same.  Blu cigs ecigarette review presents you with what is inside a Blu cigs device.

The mouthpiece has a silicone tip that serves to prevent leakage of liquid from the cartridge.  It also has a hole for vapor intake that is particularly designed to give maximum draw and inhale resistance.  With this intake hole, the user is able to feel like he/she is smoking a real cigarette.

The mouthpiece also contains the flavor cartridge that contains the specially blended smoke juice. This smoke juice is the e-liquid that serves like a fuel for vapor production.

Inside the cartridge is the atomizer so the cartridge is more often called cartomizer. The user must screw this cartomizer with the rechargeable battery in order to start vaping.  This battery is inside a black metal tube casing that also carries the company logo.

On the tip of the battery is a blue LED that lights up when you inhale or take a draw from the instrument.  Blue tip was intentionally chosen so that the company could offer consumers with a product that will not make them seem smoking a real cigarette. This is the main aspect that makes Blu cigs electronic cigarette company apart from the rest.

With a blue tip, onlookers’ curiosity will be aroused and smokers will be able to regain their social freedom.

Starter Kits.  The device can be availed in several starter kits. The latest offering from this company is the New Starter Kit that can be purchased only from retail outlets nationwide.  You can find a store nearest you by using the store locator on the website.  It has a rechargeable slim pack, two rechargeable batteries, 5 flavor cartridges and charger system.

For $79.95, you can already buy the Premium Starter Kit. Its included Premium pack has Social features. The kit also contains 2 Original or Premium batteries, 1 USB charger and 1 wall charger plus a 5-pack flavor cartridge of your selected flavor and potency.

The Premium 100 Kit is available for $89.95 and also comes with a Social Pack.  It includes 2 Premium 200 batteries, wall charger, USB charger and 5-pack flavor cartridges in any flavor or strength that you like.

The Original Kit is $69.95 with a charging pack, 2 Original/Premium batteries, chargers (USB and wall) and a Variety Pack flavor cartridges in high strength with flavors Classic Tobacco (2), Cherry Crush (1), Magnificent Menthol (1) and Java Jolt (1).  This kit is under 1-year warranty.

Batteries. What blu cigs ecig brand review finds rather unfavorable about this brand is that it offers only automatic batteries.  The company asserts that this limited offering of only automatic batteries is to be able to preserve a real cigarette impression.

A fully recharged Original/Premium battery is 80-100 puffs; then it needs to be recharged using the USB charger or pack for slightly more than one hour.  The pack needs recharging for 2-2.5 hours.

A Premium 100 battery meanwhile can produce 250-300 puffs at full charge. Afterward, you can recharge it for about one hour or more using the USB charger or the pack.  Recharge the pack for Premium 100 for 3.5 hours.

Blinking Pack/Device. What blu cigs reviews really find good about this brand is that the pack and the device are constructed with a smart design that allows it to communicate with the user.

The pack and the device are constructed with lights that are not just meant for style and appearance.  These lights, when blinking, are actually sending out messages that a user can easily decipher.

For the Premium pack and Premium 100 pack, the blu logo at the front will faintly light up when you open or close it to tell you it is functioning correctly.

At the side of the pack is a button to activate or deactivate the social feature. If social feature is on, the pack will vibrate and the logo will flicker if you are in close proximity to another Blu smoker or retailer.  You will know that you have turned the feature on if the pack vibrates twice when the button is maneuvered; once if the button is turned off.

There are two light bar above the button to show charge level of pack (Blue light bar) and the device (Red Light bar).

Meanwhile, the blue tip will blink 30 times as indication that it needs to be recharged. If it blinks for 15 times only, it only means you must stop using it for a while because you are close to overusing the device.

Cartridges.  Although the actual duration of cartridges depend on various factors, Blu cigs electronic cigarette company provides approximated values such as:

  • 250 or more puffs or one cigarette pack for the cartridges of the new starter kit, original and premium kits
  • 320 or more puffs for Premium 100 cartridges
  • 400puffs for disposable devices

The best vapor production can be achieved not by taking deep and long drags, but light, small drags only.  A cartridge is drained or done when the flavor or taste produced is somewhat burned.  You will also know it has no more smoke juice if there is no more vapor produced.

E-liquids, Flavors and Nicotine. Most people who do Blu cigs review compliments on the fact that e-liquids from this brand are not imported from China or from other countries.

Before, when electronic cigarettes are just new in the American market, all products and supplies actually come from China, including those that were initially offered by Blu cigs ecigarettes.

Later on, however, the company partnered with the famous e-liquid maker, Johnson Creek, to be able to offer specially mixed, US-made e-liquid, the Smoke Juice to its customers.

Included in the ingredients of this Smoke Juice are FCC-grade vegetable glycerin, distilled water and nicotine (except for non-nicotine juices); citric acid and flavorings (artificial and natural).  With minimal ingredients, the brand promises that its juices can produce intense flavor and great vapor volume.

The flavors are tailor-made especially for Blu cigs cartridges.  Seven flavors are available: Classic Tobacco, Magnificent Menthol, Java Jolt, Cherry Crush, Vivid Vanilla and Piña Colada.  There are also four different potency levels of nicotine: non-nicotine at 0 mg, low is approximately 6-8 mg, Medium is about 9-12 mg and High at roughly 13-16 mg.

Disposables.  Disposables are great for single use only. They are ideal for first time switchers from analogs to electronic cigarettes.  One disposable is equal to 1.5 packs of old school cigarette.

There are only two flavors offered: Magnificent Menthol with 17-24 mg nicotine and Classic Tobacco with 20-24 mg.

Vapor Satisfaction

Vapor production is a critical deciding factor for smokers choosing a brand of electronic cigarette to use. This is because the electronic vapor they inhale is what allows them to receive that throat hit they were used to in their traditional smoking habit.  The company promises flavorful vapor in every puff.

Is Blu Cigs Ecigarette Worth Your Money?

Blu cigs, when compared to traditional cigarettes is really worth one’s money.  A cartridge at $1.92 can already last about one pack of cigarettes, which is $4-12 depending on which state you buy your cigarettes from.

There is also a 1-year warranty on all online orders and USA retailed products.  Furthermore, the comp0any also offers a reward program for its loyal customers.  Since this brand is sold only to smokers of legal age, only 18 years old and above can participate in the program.

Register an account and you will get 25 points. From then on, any activity that you do on the website under your logged in account will be rewarded with points.  Poll participation is 10 points. Get 25 points when you subscribe to the newsletter.

More points can be accumulated when you purchase products like starter kits (350 points) and refill cartridges/accessories (50 points).  You can redeem pints and use them to avail discounts on your next purchases.

Customer Support

One good attribute that Blu cigs review find from this company is the customer service that is available all hours of the day.

You may contact it using live chat, toll free numbers or email.  You can also get in touch with the company using other online means such as Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus and Facebook.

Benefits And Drawbacks

Among Blu Cigs’ outstanding features is its e-liquid. Smoke Juice is made in Wisconsin using ingredients that are actually approved by the FDA.  Being American-made, American smokers feel more confident and secure with this company than other brands importing their products from China or other countries.

Customers know that this brand manufactures its products according to stringent standards.  Moreover, another benefit from choosing this electronic cigarette brand Blu is shipping within the US free of any charge.

The rewards program is certainly what many smokers would like about this company.  With your accumulated points, you can get major discounts and make greater savings.

Blu cigs’ innovative pack and electronic cigarette device are really something that is most wanted about this brand. The company’s aim may be to provide an experience that is closest as possible to the feeling of smoking. Yet, with the pack’s and device’s design, smokers will not need to endure the contempt and the discrimination they once endured when they smoked tobacco cigarettes.

The pack also serves as a charger, which is very convenient for anyone. Many users attest that Blu batteries are highly responsive.
Blu cigs ecig may not offer other company’s recycling program, but used cartridges from this brand can likewise be recycled. Simply bring them to any local recycling center for metal scarps.

As much as Blu cigs review would like to present positive attributes of this brand, there will always be negative aspects that some consumers will not like about it.  Vaping and one’s vaping choices are personal decision; and one person’s preferences are different from the others’.

One of which is that there are only automatic batteries available.  Some look for manual batteries because of better control and vapor amount.

If the person is a heavy smoker, he/she will tend to look for something that really creates big clouds of vapor.  There are reports from people like this that Blu does not deliver a satisfactory throat hit and vapor production.

Thus, in conclusion, if you find Blu as something to be blue about; most likely, you are not among its targeted audience.

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