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White Cloud was often overlooked by vapers because of its exorbitant prices despite having one of the best electronic cigarette offerings. Some people simply cannot fork over hundreds of dollars to try out a cigarette replacement, no matter how good the quality of the product is. This year, however, White Cloud crashed the party by dropping its prices dramatically. The Cirrus II kit went from $150 to $50 this year – making White Cloud the most valuable ecig brand overnight!

White Cloud outperforms the competition in just about every category that ecig reviewers use. Design? Just about the right length, weight and heat. Battery power? The Cirrus 3X pops a whopping 600 puffs per charge cycle. Charging time? Reach full power in as fast as 30 minutes. Cartomizer life? One refill cartridge is equivalent to two packs of cigarettes. Flavor selection? There are more than 20 classic and special e-smoke recipes on the permanent collection. Nicotine content? Choose from a total of six nicotine concentrations. Accessories? Not just your usual mains adapter or customizable battery colors, White Cloud accessories are intuitive, creative and highly functional. Services? Talk to a live person on the phone and get a quick and appropriate solution to any issue. Prices? Comparable to value brands such as V2 Cigs.

White Cloud took the ecig world by storm when it introduced the first Cirrus brand electronic cigarette. It was named the best e-cigarette by peer reviews and critics for its excellent performance, battery life and design. White Cloud has since released three updated versions of the Cirrus battery and discontinued the original model in order to keep up with the ever-changing needs of the modern vaper.

The Cirrus II is around 2.63 inches long, has a puff count of 320, and lasts around 7-9 hours on a full charge. It’s the perfect starter ecig for novice vapers as well as a backup battery for seasoned e-smokers.

The Cirrus III is slightly smaller at 2.25 inches. Ideal for vapers on the move, the Cirrus III can produce 190 puffs and last 5-6 hours per charge cycle.

The Cirrus 3X is the longest White Cloud ecig at 3 inches. It is also the most powerful ecig on the market today – up to 600 puffs of flavorful vapor per single charge cycle.

All Cirrus batteries are clad in white, just like your regular smokes. The filter part houses the atomizer and e-liquid. Together these three parts produce a white cloud that has a distinct flavor when inhaled. White Cloud has created 20 unique recipes for its refill cartridges, ranging from classic tobacco and menthol to delicious concoctions such as cinnamon, iced berry, espresso, vanilla, apple, chocolate, lime and coconut, peach, clove, Bora Bora, Apache, Moscow Mule and Diablo.

White Cloud is also known for its Fling series of disposable ecigs. Flings and Fling Minis are a cheap and hassle-free way to try electronic cigarettes, especially for those who are not yet fully committed to giving up their favorite tobacco brand for flavored vapor. Each Fling ecig is equivalent to 40 cigarettes while the Fling Mini is good for a pack of smokes. No need to charge or refill anything. Simply remove the Fling or Fling Mini from its package, inhale, enjoy and toss it when you’re done. All Fling disposable e-cigs are fitted with a soft tip for a realistic experience.

Many smokers are hesitant to switch to ecigs because they do not get the same kick as real cigars and cigarettes. White Cloud is one of the few brands that can actually satisfy the craving of hardcore hitters with its double extra strong cartridges that contain 5.4% nicotine. Those who smoke unfiltered cigs can start with extra (3.6%) or full (2.4%) while light (1.6%) and ultra light (0.8%) cartridges cater to occasional smokers. Finally, there’s a zero nicotine range available for smokers who want to quit cigarettes altogether while maintaining the ritual.

The massive storefront shakeup of White Cloud last February was implemented on all products, so the price of its cartomizers plummeted to $9.95 per pack of five. Since each cartridge is equivalent to 40 cigarettes, a pack of smokes on White Cloud will only cost you 99 cents! Order the 50-cartridge bundle and you’ll only have to spend 90 cents daily.

White Cloud Ecig Coupon Codes

Another fantastic piece of news for White Cloud fans is the introduction of White Cloud ecig coupon codes this year. The current store price of Cirrus batteries, SmoothDraw cartomizers, Fling disposables and White Cloud accessories is already among the lowest among premium brands, but with a White Cloud ecig coupon code you are guaranteed to scoop up the best ecig deals in town.

Our White Cloud ecig coupon codes entitle each customer to a 15% discount on any White Cloud product purchased online. Combine this coupon value with selected promos and you could possibly save up to 35% per order.

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