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For less than $35 you can get a basic V2 Cigs kit which includes one rechargeable battery, one disposable e-cig, a USB charger, and six flavor cartomizers to last you a week. Once you are out of cartridges, you can order a pack of five carts for only $9.95 or a bottle of e-liquid for just $16.95. One pre-filled cartomizer is equivalent to a pack of cigarettes while the 25ml e-liquid bottle gives you the same number of puffs as 25 packs of smokes.

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There are two more ways to lower your vaping costs. First, buy filters and e-liquids in bulk. And second, use the best V2 Cigs coupon code when you place your order.

Using The V2 Cigs coupon

V2 e cigs coupon codes can shave around 15 percent off your total bill. And if you use them in combination with seasonal store-wide sales at v2cigs.com, you can enjoy discounts of up to 40 percent!

V2 Cigs is pretty big on promotions. There is always a sale going on at the V2 online store to celebrate a holiday or special occasion. Before you buy any ecig kit, refill, battery or accessory, make sure to check for promotions at the store as well as the latest V2 Cigs coupon code on our site to get the best deals on V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes.

V2 Cigs single-handedly changed the electronic cigarette market by making premium quality ecigs available at a very attractive price point.

Although e-cigarettes have been around since 2003, they were considered a boutique item when they were introduced in the US in 2007. Only a handful of geeks and techies knew about them but the small community of vapers eventually grew that manufacturers started flooding the market with cheap, poorly made faux cigarettes.

They looked like real cigarettes, produced vapor that looked like smoke, but they tasted so bad and the battery often conked out in a matter of minutes. Makers of high-end electronic cigs also began making a push but smokers were hesitant to pay premium price for a product that they may or may not like.

V2 Cigs launched its first ecig line in 2008 and became a hit almost overnight. The brand offered the perfect combination of superior performance, excellent quality and great prices that no other ecig maker could beat.

V2 Cigs now has more than 1 million satisfied customers. On average, V2 Cigs handles more than 4,000 online orders per day in the US alone. And according to online traffic data from Alexa, www.v2cigs.com is one of America’s top 2,000 websites, number one among all e-cigarette vendors.

The V2 Cigs advantage

V2 Cigs uses 4.2-volt ecig batteries, which are the best in the business right now. V2 batteries can churn out 160 to 300 puffs per single charge cycle, producing a thick cloud of vapor that looks exactly like cigarette smoke but without the stench.

V2 Cigs understands that different vapers have different needs, so it offers up to 24 unique ways to customize its electronic cigarette. Whether you prefer a short or extended battery, automatic or manual switch, in basic white or in colors ranging from chrome to metallic blue, V2 Cigs has the right e-cig for you.

V2 Cigs uses the modern cartomizer design so each disposable filter contains a fresh atomizer that ensures every puff is good from start to finish. Inside the cartridge is a proprietary solution of nicotine and various food flavorings in a propylene glycol base.

Each of the 10 flavor recipes of V2 Cigs has been rigorously tested to ensure a safer and more pleasurable vaping experience. Smokers have the option to use a pre-filled cartomizer, which is good for around 200 puffs, or refill their empty carts with V2 e-liquid.

One of the attractions of V2 Cigs is the e-liquid option, which allows vapers to mix and match flavors and nicotine strengths. V2 offers three tobacco flavors – perfect for transitioning smokers – plus auxiliary flavors such as menthol, coffee, chocolate, vanilla, cherry, grape and cola.

Although V2 Cigs is not a cessation tool, many smokers have successfully cut back their nicotine intake by experimenting with weaker filters. Those who are serious about quitting smoking can start with 24mg or 18mg flavors then switch to 12mg or 6mg after a few months. V2 Cigs also offers zero-nicotine cartridges and e-liquids for vapers who still crave for the smoking ritual but want to totally remove the nicotine from their habit.

Cost is perhaps the biggest advantage of V2 Cigs over conventional cigarettes as well as other ecig brands. Big Tobacco is starting to feel the brunt of higher sin taxes, with the retail price of a pack of smokes now pushing towards double digits in some states. V2 Cigs gives smokers a much needed financial relief with the lowest price range among premium e-cigarette brands.

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