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Electronic cigarettes are quickly becoming the habit of choice by smokers who are looking for a cleaner and cheaper way to get their fix. Not only are the prices of your favorite brand rising at a mind-boggling pace but medical bills are also piling up as a result of long-term inhalation of dangerous tobacco smoke. E-cigarettes tend to address both these issues while providing a pleasurable experience that mimics the real thing.

One of the most popular e-cig brands out there is Green Smoke. As the name suggests, Green Smoke offers a “healthier” and more eco-friendly way to enjoy smoking. Instead of burning tobacco leaves and paper, Green Smoke e-cigs deliver nicotine through a battery operated device that looks exactly like a cigarette. The “filter” part of the ecig houses an atomizer and a liquid solution of flavorings and nicotine. When a user puffs on the Green Smoke e-cigarette, the atomizer turns the liquid into a fine cloud of odorless vapor that resembles tobacco smoke.

The Green Smoke advantage

A common problem with electronic cigarettes is poor battery life. Cheap ecigs that flood the market today only last a few puffs so you have to keep recharging several times a day. It usually takes three to four hours to complete a full charge cycle, and during the wait time you’ll either “vape” on a backup battery or, worse, attempt to smoke conventional cigarettes.

Green Smoke batteries are among the best in the industry in terms of battery performance. A fully charged short battery can produce around 300 puffs (equivalent to 25 cigarettes) and a long battery lasts approximately 400 puffs (33 cigarettes). You only need one ecig to maintain your usual pack a day habit. If you are a heavy smoker, you can use the USB cigarette that comes with every Green Smoke kit while you wait a couple of hours to charge your Green Smoke battery.

Ecig batteries with lesser quality are usually hard to draw. Not Green Smoke. Just take a puff like you would with a regular cigarette and you’ll be able to enjoy a nice and warm throat hit that’s full of flavor. The size and weight of the Green Smoke e-cigarette allows you to vape comfortably that you hardly notice the difference from the real thing. To complete the authentic look, the tip of the Green Smoke battery glows red whenever you inhale.

The second most important component of the electronic cigarette is the cartomizer. Unlike older models that use a separate cartridge and atomizer, Green Smoke combined both parts into a single disposable filter. With this setup, you always have a fresh atomizer with every cartridge replacement. No need to clean the atomizer and change it every few months.

Inside the liquid chamber is a solution of nicotine, water, propylene glycol and flavoring. Green Smoke cartomizers contain different amounts of nicotine so you can adjust your intake. Hardcore smokers prefer 24mg extra strong filters while fans of Marlboro Red can usually get a satisfying kick from 18mg cartridges. Light smokers can choose between 12mg and 6mg, or even try zero-nicotine cartomizers to enjoy a good smoke without the addictive substances.

Flavor is an important part of vaping. Cheap cartridges produce vapors that taste synthetic and hurt the throat. Green Smoke takes pride in making some of the best ecig flavors you will ever taste. Red Label, Absolute Tobacco, and Tobacco Gold all produce tobacco-like vapors that are based on your favorite American, Turkish and cigar blends. Menthol Ice is bursting with icy goodness yet soothing to the palate. Smooth Chocolate, Mocha Mist, Vanilla Dreams and Mountain Clove are spot-on reproductions of their originals.

Green Smoke coupon codes

If there’s one disadvantage to Green Smoke, it’s cost. Green Smoke ecig kits, batteries, cartridge refills and accessories are a little pricey compared to other more popular brands. But if you’re a smart shopper, you know that the best value lies in what you are getting for your buck. Green Smoke may be a tad expensive but its products are worth their sticker price.

Also, you can use Green Smoke coupon codes to enjoy huge discounts on your ecig orders. Each flavor cartomizer can produce the equivalent number of puffs as 30-40 cigarettes, so your pack-a-day expense will only be $1.99 – more than 60% cheaper when compared to regular tobacco cigarettes.

Green Smoke cartridges are sold in packs of five. Buying in bulk already gives you at least 20% in savings, but when you use our Green Smoke coupon codes, you can enjoy up to a whopping 30% in discounts on your 8-pack order.

Green Smoke is the perfect ice breaker in a bar. Show the bouncer your Green Smoke membership card so you can freely enjoy your Green Smoke vapor and then share your experience with friends.

Always use a Green Smoke coupon code when ordering ecigs online.

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