Why Doctors Do Not Approve Nicotine In Ecigs

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The medical world is likewise divided in treating electronic cigarettes. Some medical experts believe that ecigs are lifesavers of millions of people. There are also a number of doctors who disapprove nicotine in ecigs.

It is an undoubted fact that ecigarettes expose users to no tobacco, but what worries some doctors about the possible risks of vaping comes from the nicotine in ecigs. Not all, but most electronic cigarettes vaporize eliquids laced with nicotine.

Continuous Addiction To Nicotine

According to Dr. Adedayo Onitilo, an oncologist at a Marshfield Clinic and chairs the Wisconsin Cancer Council, a smoker cannot cut the addiction to nicotine is he/she is still using ecigarettes. It is interesting how detractors of ecigarettes always claim this against the products when they are promoting smokers who like to quit the habit to use approved NRTs. Both ecigs and NRTs deliver nicotine so both are still promoting nicotine consumption.

Traditional smokers remain addicted to nicotine and they are not giving up the habit if they turn to electronic cigarettes, said Onitilo. Moreover, they are using ecigarettes in no-smoking areas.

Gateway To Smoking, Dual Use

He also said that people who are introduced to the addictive substance through ecig use could possibly move on to conventional smoking eventually. Also, traditional smokers perform dual use wherein they supplement conventional cigarettes with electronic cigarettes.

Dr. James Meyer is a specialist in adolescent medicine at the Marshfield Clinic. He said that the youths are attracted to ecigarettes because of the delicious flavors like chocolate and bubblegum. Moreover, ecigs are more easily accessible to them than conventional cigarettes.

Meyer added he has witnessed the increasing number of teenage ecig use in the previous five years. Adolescents using nicotine, regardless of any form can reduce these young people’s ability to fight against infection and diseases.

Nicotine can also impact their ability to make decisions and their developing brains’ impulse-control pathways. He explained that kids who change their own brains early on with substances would always require consumption of those substances before they could function in a normal pattern.

Harmful To Pregnant Women

Women who are pregnant consider switching to electronic cigarettes because they think these alternatives are safer than traditional fags. Little do they know that this transition also places them and their unborn children at risks. Meyer said that expectant mothers are in dangers of preterm delivery or miscarriage if they continue to be exposed to nicotine.

Studies have shown that both tobacco smoke and nicotine have adverse effects on pregnant mothers and their babies. However, it is important to note that some doctors are still advising their pregnant smoking patients to quit smoking by using approved nicotine replacement products. Again, these approved smoke cessation products expose expectant moms to nicotine so ecig detractors should also considering pushing to NRT restrictions on the same note.

Dangerous To New Users

If a smoker switches to ecigarettes, he would probably not experience or feel the effect of the substance in his body. Ecigarettes are intentionally marketed at adult current smokers, but non-smokers are likewise free to try ecigs. If they happen to unintentionally vape eliquids with nicotine, their bodies will instantly display some side effects from nicotine use.

They could experience sweating, nausea, jitters and increased heart rate. While it is very rare for a non-nicotine user to have fatal side effects from using nicotine, these symptoms are still unpleasant. Onitilo also added that since there are no regulations strictly binding ecig and eliquid manufacturers to certain standards, some products in the market might have inaccurate labeling. Some eliquids supposed to have no nicotine might actually contain even just the slightest amount of the substance.

Financial Implications

Meyer also explained that vaping can have financial implications to families. Insurance costs could increase because of nicotine in ecigs. Cotinine is a metabolite of nicotine and it can be detected in blood samples of ecig users or those who are exposed to nicotine vapors. He added that it is possible non-nicotine users could be offered with lower policy rates by some insurance companies.

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