What To Do Against Ecig Youth Access

Chelsea July 28, 2014 0

Ecig youth access is the main concern of those criticizing electronic cigarettes. Even supporters and advocates of vaping agree that ecigs are products not supposed to be used by minors. Critics have been confidently saying that the industry is simply lurking in the dark and waiting patiently to bait the youth.

This is, however, not the case. Extremists believe that ecigs are gateway to smoking, but scientific studies have confirmed that there is no link between trying to use ecigarettes and smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Youth Adoption Of Ecigs

A study held at University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center involved 1,300 college students and researchers found no relation between trying to vape and smoking cigarettes.

The University of Oklahoma report stated that only 43 of all the subjects said that their very first nicotine product was an electronic cigarette. Of these 43 students, only one person reported that he went to smoke real cigarettes.

Considering the Nature Of Youth

The issue on ecig youth access has always been blamed by critics on the industry by claiming that companies and manufacturers are mainly targeting the youth and spawning new nicotine addicts.

Yet, the issue should be tackled and understood by first and foremost recognizing the nature of the young people. Kids who are interested at nicotine products are and will be trying them. Kids are known for their being adventure-seeking nature. The danger factor of cigarettes is more appealing than the safe, but boring ecigarettes.

Ecigarettes and eliquids are becoming harder to obtain as many lawmakers and prohibitionists are moving to restrict them. Yet, tobacco cigarettes remain widely available. It is not the scrupulous ecigarette vendors who sell ecigs to minors, but the careless tobacco vendors who have been selling tobacco to minors before that are doing it. The declining sales of cigarettes are motivating these tobacco vendors to embrace the new electronic products.

Preventing Ecig Youth Access

Reputable ecigarette companies are doing their best to keep their products away from minors. They manage to go even beyond the accepted standards. White Cloud Ecigarettes, for example, implements not just the self-verification windows on most adult-themed sites. This measure hardly works in deterring an underage customer from browsing through the websites.

Beginning February this year, White Cloud has incorporated the LexisNexis age verification technology in its system. This verification is linked to the LexisNexis databases for confirming the age and preventing all minors from buying the products.

If a customer does not appear in the databases, he/she will be required to provide an identification to confirm that he/she is of legal age.

This measure taken by White Cloud is said to have been working. The company found that 13% of rejected customers were under the legal age. 39% of those rejected were due to the lack of further ID. 43% of those rejected refused presenting ID after the referral.

This prevention of youth access to ecigarettes must be taken seriously by every company, manufacturer and seller of electronic cigarette. Regulations are imminent and while the initial proposed FDA policies are less stringent, it can be expected that the policies will soon be excessively restrictive.

This was also the reminder that the ATR (Americans for Tax Reform) representatives have tried to inform to all those who attended the recently held World Vaping Expo. They reminded ecig businesses, specifically that regulations are looming and they could be the cause of their end if they will not take actions.

ATR is about the high taxation now considered by legislators to impose of ecig products. They say that high taxes will make products more expensive and beyond the financial capacity of the youth. While regulations are not yet finalized, it is best that vendors ensure they strictly cater to adult smokers and consumers.

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