Warnings On Ecig Chargers To Notts Residents

Chelsea December 16, 2013 0

Residents of Nottinghamshire who use electronic cigarettes are warned of the probable dangers in using ecig chargers that were not supplied along with their purchased device.

Increased Number Of Complaints

The warning was issued after the Trading Standards team of Nottinghamshire County Council has received an increase in the number of complaints from residents who reported about overheating and fire issues brought about by their ecig batteries and chargers.

Using Different Ecig Chargers

Explosions and fires blamed on ecigarettes are believed to be caused by the different chargers used to recharge the ecigarette battery. Some users, in haste to recharge their batteries, might think that they can use just about any charger that would fit on slots and holes of their devices. Yet, little do they know that the charger they use, which did not come with the device they purchased, could have ratings on current and voltage that are not appropriate for their electronic cigarettes.

The users were likewise recommended no to use accessories or chargers that do not easily and appropriately plug into the electrical socket. Otherwise, they would be at risk of electrocution, overheating and damage to the charger and power outlet.

Proper Labeling and Advice

Thus, officers are visiting ecig sellers. They advise them to properly label and inform customers about product labeling and safety.

Councilor Glynn Gilfoyle who chairs the Community Safety Committee of Notts County Council stated that damages to home and serious injuries to the user might result from the mixing and matching of various chargers with the electronic cigarette batteries.

Users are therefore advised, according to Gilfoyle, to thoroughly check instructions in case they need to get new ecig chargers in order to determine if the products they are buying would really work well with their instruments.

Proper Education Matters

Electronic cigarette batteries and chargers are similar to batteries and chargers for other electronic devices. The users need to understand the nature of their electronic instruments to determine how they can be maintained and prevented from damages, failure and mishaps.

It is here what the importance of buying only from a trusted vendor or seller. These reputable ecig vendors would go out their way and take extra effort in helping educate their customers aside from gaining profits from them.

These vendors will inform you about the technical details and safety guidelines in using batteries, chargers, accessories, etc. They will also advise that you do further studying and reading on electronic cigarettes so you would know how to protect yourself from possible dangers like fires and explosions due to inappropriately charged or used ecig devices.

One highly commendable online resource is the battery University where you could read probably everything there is to know about electronic batteries and chargers.

On the website, you would read one guideline that says to use chargers that are appropriate for the chemistry of the battery. Inside every battery are chemicals that you need to find out and know more about.

Like what Notts officials said, you also need to find out if the voltage and current specifications of the charger meet with the requirements of the batteries.

Remember that the higher the amperage of a charger, the shorter time it will take to fully charge the battery.

It is important that you do not leave batteries unattended during charging. While at it, observe the temperature of your battery and charger. Lead acid and lithium ion batteries remain cool while charging. Nickel batteries may rise in temperature toward the end, but will cool down after charging.

You also need to know the different types of chargers. There are chargers referred to as overnight or slow chargers. Charging an empty battery with such chargers usually take 14-16 hours. They are those that are used with Nickel Cadmium batteries.

There are also rapid chargers that are in between slow and fast types of chargers. They are typically used with lithium or nickel based batteries.

fast chargers not only charge batteries very fast, but they also do not require bigger power supply. Nickel-based fast chargers are used for charging NiCd or NiMH batteries.

There are a lot more guidelines that you could find from battery University so make sure to find time to visit resources like this to learn more of your electronic cigarette batteries and ecigarette chargers.

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