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Volt Ecigs might not be resonant as other names of other ecig brands.  However, those vapers who have tried them will say that names do not say it all.  Although lacking in noise those other brands create, Volt ecig kits are products that will truly give real value for your money.

Here are some of the Volt ecig kits that Smokeless Image, their producer, offers.

Volt Pack Kit (Tobacco/Menthol), $19.95

It includes a white lithium ion battery that measures 65 mm in length.  There are also 2 Country Tobacco cartomizers with 18 mg nicotine, one charger and 3-month warranty.

The battery has a rating of 220 mAh; lifespan of 300 charging cycles; regulated 3.6 volts output; and 7-second cutoff time in case your draw became too long.  Each cartomizer can hold 1 ml of e-liquid and has a resistance of 2.8 ohms.  The input and output voltages of the USB charger are 5 volts.

Volt Zip Kit, $25.00

This package offers more realism in vaping.  It includes the volt zip battery that appears like a lighter. There are also 4 filter tips (Tobacco or Menthol) with 1.8% nicotine. Zip battery rating is 350mAh.

You also get a volt Zip charger in this handy kit that first time vapers will most likely love and enjoy having.

This kit’s contents are designed to be used exclusively with one another. Do not attempt using any of the contents with other Volt ecig kits or products.

Volt – Basic Starter Kit, starting at $29.95

The best of everything is offered by this kit where you could even make your personal choices to make vaping more customized according to your taste.

Basic Contents of the kit are 1 battery, 5 filter tips in your chosen flavor and strength, 1 USB charger and 3-month warranty.

Among the flavors to choose from are 555, Desert Joe, Freedom, Ice Menthol and RY4.  Available nicotine strengths are 0%, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8% and 2.4%.

You may choose an automatic or a manual battery in various colors and LED lights.

Volt – Standard Starter Kit, starting at $44.95

This kit includes 2 batteries, five filter tips, USB charger, USB wall adapter and 3-month warranty.  Manual and automatic batteries are likewise available.  There are certain colors and types of batteries that would require you to add $1 in your total order.

Get to choose your flavor and strength of e-liquid as well as the type of wall adapter you need.  There are adapters for US and for European power outlets offered.

Volt – Pro Starter Kit, starting at $64.95

This Volt package contains 2 batteries, 5 filter tips, a volt charging case or a mega charging case. The kit also comes with a 3-month warranty.  Up on the website of Smokeless image, there is a note that says about the present issue on manual batteries charging with the use of charging cases.

Personal charging cases are not just storage cases for your electronic cigarette batteries and cartridges.  These PPC are also ideal products to have when you are traveling. They can charge batteries even while you are mobile and have no access to a USB port or wall outlet.

Black, Orange, Green, Purple, Red and White are battery colors available. Green, Purple, Orange and White are available colors for the LED light. These options can be viewed on the order page of Smokeless Image.

Volt – Premium Starter Kit, starting at $94.99

This premium kit contains 10 filter tips in your chosen strength and flavor.  The kit is also inclusive of 2 batteries, 1 Volt charging case kit, USB battery charger, USB wall adapter, USB pass through and 3-month warranty.

You can also choose your battery color for both batteries. A pass through device is one that allows you to continue vaping even while it is charging.

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