Variable Voltage Ecigs Vaping The Way You Like

Chelsea March 28, 2014 0

Variable voltage ecigs allow vapers to enjoy combinations of eliquids and output voltages. These devices allow you to change the output voltage in order to achieve the kind of vapor production, throat hit and flavor that you like.

Key Benefit: More Vapor

More vapor production is the key benefit of using variable voltage ecigs instead of small ecigarettes that look like real cigarettes. In a standard electronic cigarette, the typical specifications are 3.7 volts batteries and 2.5 ohms cartomizers. Thus, the wattage produced is slightly under 5.5 watts. In order to tweak the performance a bit more, some vapers purchase large batteries and then use them with atomizers and cartomizers of low resistances.

If the 3.7 volts battery is paired with 1.5 ohms atomizer, the power produced will be about 9 watts. Still this achieved power cannot equal the performance that variable voltage ecigarettes can deliver for up to 12 watts from 6 volts battery setting paired with 3.0 ohms atomizer.

Variable voltage ecigarettes have 3.7v batteries the same as standard ecigs. Yet, with the variable voltage device, there is a booster circuit included that functions to store and to regulate power from the battery. The circuit will then deliver the power to the attachment at your selected voltage.

There are also some variable voltage units that have microprocessors that provide precision control and safety over the production of vapor. Such advanced electronics will add more dollars to the typical devices.

Deciding On Using Variable Voltage Ecigs

Of all the products in the ecigarette industry, VV eigs can offer the best performance. However, a VV is not an ideal device if you are a newbie. It is also not a perfect choice if you infrequently smoke or if you were a smoker of ultra light cigarettes. VV will overwhelm you with its extreme vapor clouds that could be very intense when it is working on peak power.

If you would only set the VV on 3.7 volts, then it is better to just stick with a standard ecig with 3.7 volts. It can also be fussy to operate a VV. At 6 volts, the atomizer will create rather dry and harsh vapor that tastes unpleasantly if the heating coil is not maintained moist. Add too much ejuice and the atomizer will only flood and/or leak. The best results from using ecigs are often achieved by experienced vapers.

VV And Stacked Battery Mods

When you start to consider VV devices, it means that you are most likely no longer satisfied by the vapor and flavor of your typical ecig. Apart from VV, you might also encounter stacked battery mods in your research.

These are ecigs that look more like tubes. Most of them use two batteries with 3.0 volts each in order to achieve 6 volts in total. These units are also cheaper than the VV ecigs. Stacked battery ecig mods, however, create two issues: safety and flexibility.

The VV ecig can be used with any attachment as long as they have matching threading. Simply set the voltage at lower settings if you like to vape with low resistance atomizer or dual coil cartomizer.

This mod also has no microprocessor that can compute the resistance value of attached cartomizer or atomizer. If you use a low resistance atomizer, it could immediately burn. To prevent this, remove the 2 3 volts batteries and just use 3.7 volts battery.

Without the microprocessor, the device can also not detect if the selected voltage will be safe or not for the attachment. With a microprocessor, the device could display an error code or automatically lower the voltage.

With the stacked battery ecig, proper use is always crucial or accidents like battery explosion could result. There are some VV devices that use stacked batteries to forgo the boost circuit for the buck circuit. This buck circuit can lower the output voltage in order to achieve the desired vapor and flavor.

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