Vapor Hub International Has Beta ELiquid Portal Website

Chelsea June 16, 2014 0

The new beta eliquid portal website of Vapor Hub International is be launched middle part May. This website, according to VHI will solve the changes in distribution in today’s market. This Portal is said to be a game changer particularly in the way ejuices are ordered within the country and from other countries.

Uncertainties and frustrations of many distributors from the impending FDA regulations, VHI spent considerable time in making eliquid ordering easier. Vapor Hub International offers eliquids that are produced in US-based laboratory.

Distribution Challenges

Distributors nowadays face great challenges such as being able to purchase very few products, enduring high risks and receiving very little rewards. They are not aware of how and where their products were made. There is also little security with regards to people and companies the products are brought from. Delivery time and production issues are also included in the difficulties.

Providing Solution

VHI is a publicly traded company. On its new portal, proven ejuice brands will be offered. These eliquids are made inside GMP and ISO certified laboratory. This will eliminate almost all risks from any imminent regulations on eliquid production. The company is also confident that it could easily meet production volumes since the laboratory can produce more than 2 million bottles of ejuices each month.

Distributors are excited and anxious for this portal especially so that Vapor Hub International promises to offer great branding and support from the elite companies. There will be over 25 types of support materials for the distributors and retailers. The brands will provide social media and online promotions.

Other benefits to expect are better profit margins and payment convenience. CEO Andrew BirnBaum remarked that they are proud to continue being a products and services innovator in this rapidly growing industry. The launch of the portal is another means of bringing cohesive credibility and progress to the still fragmented market. In each US state is a unique marketplace and there is now an opportunity for better services to retailers via reputable distributors.

About VHI

The company was founded year 2008 in California. It is engaged in ecig products’ development, production and trade. The business includes eliquids, unique vaporizers and modifications. The company also operates the Vapor Hub Lounge found in Simi Valley in California. It is a place where current and potential customers could relax and sample the entire line of products. Customers will also receive world class customer service from the hub.

Some VHI Offered Eliquid Products

There are a lot of eliquid flavors you could choose from. Purchasing the eliquid sample pack lets you have 5 various flavors and all of them are the top selling VHI flavors. You may also pick your desired flavors if you like. You could also select the nicotine level for the ejuices in your pack. Available nicotine strengths are 0, 6 and 12 mg.

Blue Clouds is one Competition ejuice made with the formulation of 90% vegetable glycerin so you may get bigger clouds of vapor. It contains hints of blueberry to deliver such smooth hits while blowing big vapor clouds. You may choose to have a 15 ml or a 30 ml bottle.

If there’s Blue, then there is also Green Clouds. If Blue Clouds contain blueberry hints, Green Clouds have sour apple and kiwi mix. This blend will feel really smooth as you vape it. This is also a perfect choice if you are looking for all VG eliquid. This is another competition ejuice that can produce big clouds of vapors using RBA tanks and drippers.

Red Clouds is also another 100% vegetable glycerin eliquid. It contains a special mix of red berries like raspberry and strawberry plus a secret ingredient.

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