Vapor From Herbs With Magic Raw Herbal Atomizer

Chelsea November 4, 2013 0

The Magic Raw Herbal Atomizer looks just like a pen. It has a rubbery soft texture that you can choose in cobalt, crimson or black.  The mouthpiece is likewise soft and even chewy while the battery has a simple light touch control.  There is a LED screen where essential details can be clearly seen.

Features Offered

There is a ceramic filter offering a smooth flow of air from the Ceramic Heating Chamber toward the rubber mouthpiece.  The mesh filter offers the first protection layer against particles that could block the ceramic filter.

There are three springs that apply pressure to your dried herbs so they can be evenly heated.  The spring and mesh filter are housed in the chamber connector.  The ceramic heating chamber is crafted from stainless steel as well as ceramic.

The lithium ion battery is rated at 650mAh and can last surprisingly long for about a week or so.  The fitted LCD screen is great for knowing how much battery charge remains and how many puffs you have made.

Pack your dried herb blend with the packing tool and use the cleaning brush to tidy up the spring and the ceramic chamber.

The USB charger eases your worries of overcharging the battery with its protection circuit.  You also get a wall charger, a storage box, and a user manual.


A raw herbal atomizer must be used with proper care, especially for the first time.  It is crucial to know how to operate this device not just to get the most out of its performance, but also for your safety.  It is, thus, important to read the manual; understand the contents and follow religiously.

It can get hot for up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The minimum temperature is still quite hot at 375 degrees Fahrenheit in only a matter of 10 seconds.  The temperature will usually depend by the draw rate of the blend inside the heating chamber.

Usually, you need to wait for the device to heat up for 2-3 seconds before taking the first drag.  Pressing the button for more than 9 seconds will trigger its automatic shut off feature. Before reactivating, allow the device to rest for 5 seconds.

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