Vaping In Class Led To Smoking Policy Changes

Chelsea December 6, 2013 0

In Clark State Community College, some students were caught vaping in class. This rather careless action resulted to smoking policy changes. The College Board of Trustees decided to change their rules on smoking whereby the trendy electronic cigarettes would now be treated as regular cigarettes.

Ecigs Cause Distraction

According to Nina Wiley who is the director of Retention Services and Student Life, electronic cigarettes caused distraction to other students, to the faculty and to the staff members.

One who sees the person using ecig would be taken aback and would need to glance back because the action certainly resembles that of smoking real cigarettes. She added that they are trying very much to protect students’ and staff’s welfare and health.

Due to the smoking policy changes, students and others who wish to vape could now only do it inside their cars or in designated smoking zones in the campus.

The board of trustees was not very hard on vaping students at all because Wiley said that specific areas where the use of the devices and real cigarettes are allowed. Areas that are close to the entrances of buildings are smoke-free so that people going in and out of these buildings will not suffer and be exposed to the possible dangers that smoke and vapors could bring to bystanders.

According to Philip Price, a mathematics student commented that those people who puffed on their devices inside the buildings are attention grabbers.

People would ask what the person is doing; would think that the person is violating the smoking rules in the college and would later realize that it is not a violation because it is not cigarette he/she is using, but electronic cigarette.

Favoring The Smoking Policy Changes

Jacob Long is also a student in the college and is a self-proclaimed smoker. He supports the new rule in campus. He said that he thinks people should not smoke or vape inside the building and fill the space with clouds of vapors.

He said that there are students there who are fresh from high school and must not be exposed to them. He believes that smoking and vaping are not appropriate in school settings.

Controversy Of Ecigs

The ecig industry is now close to $2 billion in sales. This figure is even expected to increase in the years to come. Supporters claim ecigs are safer than tobacco and are effective in smoke cessation.

Detractors argue that they promote addiction and smoking especially to teens. In Ohio at present, there is no state law that sets the age limit in purchasing these products.

According to the report on Washington Post, there are some students from high school and middle school who are likewise using the devices inside the school and even in class.

Confusion Among Students

Some smoking policies were approved and enforced way before ecigs have been introduced in the market. As new products, they are not basically included or specifically mention in the policies enforced.

Students know that the vapors coming out from these products are not smoke. Thus, they believe that using these instruments where smoking is prohibited will not make them violate the rules. Some policies might not mention electronic cigarettes in particular, but could be referred in some other statements like anything that is used to smoke or anything that mimics the act of smoking.

The exact definition of what are prohibited in the campus must be clearly known. This should be made known by the officials and enforcers of the rules to avoid confusion among students.

Since vaping can often be mistaken as smoking, officials also decide that both actions should be outlawed for easier implementation of policies.

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