Vapers Comment On Welsh Ecig Ban

Chelsea May 12, 2014 0

The Welsh ecig ban will directly affect vapers. Thus, ever since the ecig ban was announced, vapers from across the country have been expressing their anger and disappointment to the Welsh government. Vapers have been stating their sentiments on forums, commenting on blog posts, sending letters, etc.

Ecig Renormalizes Quitting

Ecigarette detractors often accuse ecigs of renormalizing smoking, but they have yet to realize that electronic cigarettes normalize quitting smoking. Joao Pargana said that saying ecigs will normalize smoking is like saying that drinking nonalcoholic beer in public also promotes alcohol abuse.

Unclear Issue

Lin Martin Thomas said she does not really get what the problem is. She and other people use ecigs to improve their lives. She used ecigs to wean herself from nicotine. Having started with 24 mg five months ago, she is now vaping 12 mg; and felt healthier buts smelled and tasted better. She supposes that the anti-ecig movement is all about the major decline in cigarette taxes due to the falling sales of cigarettes.

Nonsense Base

David Hammon Williams said that he has heard the Health Minister Drakeford promoting the ban on radio, but admitted that the health risks of using ecigs are quite small. Ecigs are not promoting smoking; but instead offer alternatives. If ecigs are to be banned, David said he would just go back to smoking.

For David Moger, the government is doing this because of their lost case on safety of ecigs. Thus, in their goal to annihilate smoking, they argue that vaping normalizes smoking. He thinks and the government thinks there is no evidence that vaping normalizes smoking at all. They do not like smoking and it is the only reason why they are opposing and banning vaping. This, he said, is not a good reason for impeding smokers to vape and lengthening their lives.

Like Pre-Meditated Murder

Luc Van Daele believes that ecig bans are. Luc said that this is the first step in introducing quit smoking tax. Ecigarettes are known to help save lives and to ban the use of these devices is like banning the lives of smokers and other people from redemption.

Smoking And Dying Early

Amelie Taylor said that for every smoker who like to quit, the Government losses a big amount in taxes. She said that although the government does not admit it, it actually wants people to smoke and to die early. If a smoker quits, he/she will smoke longer and will likewise claim their pensions.

Draconian Policy

Hugh Mcilloney said that ecigs are miles healthier and better than normal cigarettes. There is no tar or other stuff that could clog the lungs. Hugh has been vaping for two years or more and feels fitter. His wheezing has likewise stopped. Hugh is now 70 years old and has smoked for almost his entire adult life. He wished that ecigs were around when he was still younger.

Incompetent Government

Gareth Williams stated that this decision was very incompetent and narrow-minded of the government. The fact about their dislike on smoking is the very basis of their opposition to ecigs.

Just Dense

Sue Horrocks thinks that the decision of Welsh government in banning ecig use in public is dim-witted. The next thing that the government might prohibit is living.

Domination Of Ignorance

Sandra Barnes meanwhile said that this is about the ruling and domination of ignorance. Ecigs have no poison; smell nice and certainly better for her health yet the governments wants to outlaw it. The government would rather have people smoking their cigarettes outside poisoning their lungs and the air and making people smelly with fouls smoke odor.

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