Unnecessary Ecig Ban In San Francisco

Chelsea April 11, 2014 0

Center for Consumer Freedom communications director Sarah Longwell wrote an opinion piece that very well said that an ecig ban in San Francisco is unnecessary because electronic cigarettes are safe. Her non-profit group seriously promotes personal responsibility and consumer choices protection.

Voters Must Know First What Ecigarettes Are

Ecigarettes are very promising tools against smoking, but they are heavily opposed by obsessive lawmakers racing against one another in imposing ecig bans. Their anti-ecig passion seems to be fueled by the efforts of career activists who see nothing, but health threats everywhere.

New York City and Chicago has already yielded to the activist pressure. Through a quick vote in Los Angeles, another ban was approved on products that do not emit smoke. Longwell remarked that voters in San Francisco need first to understand ecig truths before casting their votes.

Different From Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes and traditional tobacco cigarettes are not the same, she said. Ecigs carry none of the harms known to be caused by real cigarettes. If smokers will switch to ecigarettes and other similar products, their tobacco related deaths could be reduced at least by 99.9%, according to the American Association of Public Health Physicians.

Nonetheless, this substantial reduction on tobacco related deaths is still not sufficient for fiery officials and lawmakers who can easily mobilize political actions against anything with the cigarette word in the name.

These regulators achieve what they want by changing the policies. With other consumer products, the norm is to first prove them as harmful before any ban is approved. With ecigs, unfortunately, these lawmakers are not following the rules because they demand businesses and consumers to prove ecigs are safe before restrictions are lifted or reversed.

If businesses and consumers fail to do so, businesses cannot sell advanced products from which consumers could benefit from. The society will succumb to unscientific and ungrounded fears. Businesses will be forced to fight baseless attacks on them. Commerce will be halted and product innovation will be hampered.

Safe Ecigarettes

If truth be known, transition to vaping can benefit not only smokers, but also non-smokers and also former smokers. Anti-smoking policies in public places are justified as protection for the non-smokers. Ecigarettes have no tobacco and produce no smoke so they harm no one from the non-smoking group.

In her piece, Longwell stated that San Franciscans need not give in to pressure, scare tactics or faulty logic that made city council in Los Angeles to be anti-ecig. Rushing for a sweep solution is not right especially if there is no existing problem needing solution. If this is so, then common sense and consumer health will just disappear in the air.

Lawmakers have displayed some unjust and unreasonable way of thinking in the way they treat electronic cigarettes. They always argue about the possible threats from vaping like nicotine that can damage the developing brains of the youth; gateway theory wherein youths are using ecigs at first and then shifting to real smoking; ecig marketing targeting children.

Nicotine is not for kids so the ecig industry also supports ecig sale to minors ban. However, other measures that regulators approve are already excessive, stifling and inappropriate. There is no evidence that vaping eventually leads to smoking. Ecigs are also not marketed to children since the mainly targeted audience of ecig companies are adult smokers who are more than enough to make the industry flourish well.

These lawmakers could be really pressured by the activists. Yet, their true intentions are believed to finally show the moment they introduce bills to impose onerous taxes on the products. Taxation is welcomed by the industry, but what politicians push is a tax rate similar to that of tobacco products. If these ecig taxes are approved, ecigs will no longer appeal to the consumers so they will just go back to smoking real cigarettes. If vapers continue to vape highly taxed ecigs or smoke highly taxed fags, the officials still win because they would still collect their desired revenue from sin taxes.

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