UK Government Will Outlaw Ecigarette Sale To Minors

Chelsea January 29, 2014 0

Ecigarette sale to minors will soon be outlawed by the British government. A government crackdown on the device will be set in place in order to stop young people from being exposed and addicted to the nicotine these devices dispense.

This crackdown will also involve prohibiting any adult from purchasing an electronic cigarette in behalf of a child. Anyone caught and charged with this violation shall pay £2,500.

For The Protection Of Children

Children’s welfare is always at risk, they say, when it comes to smoking. Since vaping is touted as alternative to smoking, many public officials are expressing concerns that ecigs might be used as stepping stone to actual smoking.

Even though electronic cigarettes are with no detrimental smoking effects, die-hard ecig detractors argue about the nicotine delivery of these electronic devices. Nicotine is not the component in cigarettes that causes deaths and diseases; although it is a very addictive substance that might have negative effects on the development of growing children and adolescents.

Ecigarettes might be a helpful tool to adult smokers looking for safer cigarette alternatives or more effective cessation tools. However, the issue becomes a different matter when children’s welfare is discussed.

In order to help parents in safeguarding children from these dangers, the government has made plans to put a ban on ecigarette sales to minors in place.

There is already a proposal by the Health Ministers to modify the Children and Families Bill so that an age restriction will be set on anyone who wants to buy the product. The proposed changes also include legal prohibition against adults who would knowingly buy tobacco not for his/her own use, but for a person below 18 years old.

Professor Dame Sally Davies, the Chief Medical Officer of England stated that the harms of an ecigarette to adults are not yet known, let alone harms to children. She added that ecigs are known to involve certain risks.

According to her, the devices can produce toxins. The amount of nicotine, contaminants and chemical constituents like flavorings in electronic cigarettes also vary. Thus, the health of young people could very well be damaged when they use these products.

The present legal status of ecigarettes involve no particular age restrictions and anyone, even minors could buy them if the uncaring vendor allows. These products are very popular not only among adult smokers, but also among the youth and non-smokers.

Gateway To Smoking

Fears of experts involve children who would try using an ecig would be addicted to the nicotine hit and later find nicotine enjoyments from real cigarettes. Smoking rates at present are at the lowest; yet, there are still over 1,000 people who are still ending up in hospitals due to smoking.

Irresponsible Adults

To further restrict access of children to cigarettes, a new offence will be set up wherein any adult who buys a cigarette or tobacco product for a child aged below 18 years old will be given a fixed penalty notice of £50 to £2,500.

This additional misdemeanor was decided after the current statistics show that 41% of young smokers (aged 15 years old) said that they typically buy cigarettes from an adult person instead of purchasing from the shop.

More alarming is that 95% of 11-15 years old smokers actually manage to make another adult person to buy the cigarettes for them at least once during the previous year. According to the Public Health Minister Jane Ellison, about two thirds of smokers actually acquire the habit even before they become of legal age. This clampdown will serve as children’s protection from those irresponsible adults.

This crackdown specifically aimed at irresponsible adults will be put in place by fall season. Like cigarettes and alcohol, ecigarettes will soon be barred from any children who like to buy them.

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