Tobacco Control Science Deteriorates As Ecigs Rise

Chelsea April 16, 2014 0

Tobacco control science has always reliable in proving that smoking tobacco is not a worthy habit to follow and enjoy. Once, this science seems faultless and flawless, but according to Dr. Michael Siegel, a known tobacco control expert who believes ecigs can help make a big difference in fighting against smoking, this science is deteriorating and has hit its all-time low.

Previously, Dr. Stan Glantz released a report and statement to the public about their cross-sectional study from which they obtained a conclusion that youths using ecigs are likely to smoke real cigarettes later on. This conclusion was not supported by the evidences from the data used.

Only several days after this highly questioned study, other researchers from University of California seemingly followed up the propaganda. Results from mouse studies incidentally show that thirdhand smoke is equally damaging as firsthand smoke. This caused Siegel to despair over the deteriorating tobacco control science.

Thirdhand Smoke Makes You A Smoker

Firsthand smoke is the smoke that the smoker inhales. Second hand smoke is the smoke the smoker exhales that could affect people in close proximity. Thirdhand smoke is the residue of smoke that the study is said to retain on fabrics, surfaces, furniture, etc.

This is tantamount to saying that if you sit in a room where people have once smoked, you are already considerably a smoker.

Such conclusion was derived from studies that assessed laboratory mice. The rodents were treated with thirdhand smoke. The animals were said to have impaired wound healing as well as other cell damages. Only mice were used as subjects for the experiments and no human was involved. Yet, researchers strongly suggest that their conclusion is very much applicable on humans.

On one article, it was stated that there is now an ever growing number of evidences about smoking dangers not from first hand and secondhand smoke, but also thirdhand smoke.

Parents who smoke even while children are not around could expose kids to thirdhand smoke that remains on toys, walls, furniture, carpeted. The latest research, the article stated was funded by Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program and published on American Chemical Society last March 16.

Young children are at very high risks, it was said, because they tend to put toys and stuff in their mouths and these things might be exposed to the third hand smoke. Doing so, their DNA might be damaged and they will be at high cancer risks.

Unbelievable Study

Another study was conducted at University of Califiornia and was published on PLOS one. Researchers allegedly found thirdhand smoke to endanger liver and lungs possibly because of inflammation.

Thirdhand smoke was likewise concluded to lead to diabetes type II development; even though the patient is not obese or overweight. This study, again involved mice in controlled environment. Researchers likewise noted they found the wounds on the rodents’ skin did not quickly heal. Thus, collagen was believed to be damaged purportedly by third had smoke.

Siegel remarked that all of this is garbage. It was about year 2000 when tobacco industry decided to stop monitoring tobacco control science and everything else. Siegel said he thought that the tobacco industry made a poor decision.

However, now that such weak arguments and points are declared to the public, he is starting to think that tobacco industry was somewhat brilliant. Tobacco industry probably knew that it would not be long before science will deteriorate. Unrestrained, anti-tobacco science will fall, crumble, discredit itself and undermine experts’ credibility.

Perhaps another reason to despair about is the consequences of such questionable findings. Using the argument on thirdhand smoke, Professor John Banzhaf from George Washington University Law School argued that parents who were awarded either with partial or full custody of their children after a divorce could lose this right because of their smoking habit. Perhaps for Banzhaf, protection from debatable thirdhand smoke is more important than bonding time and opportunity of children to grow up with their parents.

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