Tobacco and Ecig Ban in School Campuses

Chelsea November 13, 2013 0

Various school campuses are now implementing tobacco and ecig ban. School officials are fostering healthy learning and working environments for students and employees alike.

Stetson University in Florida

Tobacco and Ecig Ban in School CampusesA policy prohibiting smoking and the use of other tobacco-related products is enacted in the Stetson University.  It will begin on August 1, 2014.

Facilities where this policy will take effect include residential campuses of Stetson in DeLand as well as its College of Law located in Gulfport.

It is essentially a tobacco and ecig ban because even electronic cigarettes are included among the outlawed products.  Other forms of smokeless tobacco products will not be allowed to be used on any Stetson Buildings, grounds, structures, parking spaces and even inside university owned and private vehicles parked on the university grounds.

President of Stetson University Wendy B. Libby said that she is proud that Stetson residential campuses will become free from smoke and tobacco by August of next year.  She said that Stetson commits itself in providing healthy and safe learning, working and living environments to students, alumni, and staff and even to visitors.

Smoking restrictions were already implemented in Stetson since 2007. Smokers were banned from lighting up cigarettes near air vents and buildings.  This stricter policy was born of years of research from focus groups and other activities done by the university task force in determining the inconsistent position of smoking in the university values.

Various resources will be offered by the University to aid smokers in quitting their habit.  There will be free education programs, free cessation products and classes.

The next ten months prior to the implementation of this tobacco and ecig ban will be dedicated to informing the community and the visitors about the new policy.

University of Tennessee Chattanooga

In University of Tennessee Chattanooga, smoking has long been banned, but now, not only tobacco cigarettes are prohibited, but also electronic cigarette products and kits.  UTC leaders sent an e-mail to its students which stated that electronic cigarettes and smokeless cigarettes might be increasing in popularity, but they are no place in the university where they are welcome.

Two years ago, smoking has been banned in UTC.  Spokesman for UTC Chuck Cantrell said that violators will be penalized by requiring them to do campus community service or to take smoke cessation classes. These are the same penalties for those who are caught smoking regular cigarettes.

Ecigarettes: New Challenge In Battle Againts Smoking

Electronic cigarettes are the new trend in the market these days. They were actually designed to offer smokers with healthier alternative to tobacco cigarettes.

Through the power supplied by a battery, the device turns liquid solution (may contain nicotine) into inhalable vapors.  The liquid solution comes in various flavors like candy, fruits and desserts.  Such flavorings are argued by health advocates and prohibitionists as reasons why young people are easily drawn to them.  In fact, in a recent CDC survey, it was found that more teenagers have used electronic cigarettes.

Smokers usually start their habit of smoking during high school and it continues when they are in college until they are already adults.  It is thus understandable why schools and universities are imposing tobacco and ecig ban because statistics show the increasing interest of youth on these products.

Dr. Tim McAfee, Centers for Disease Control’s Office on Smoking and Health director, said that they are worried ecigs will make kids overcome inhibitions, re-normalize smoking and weaken the progress made in reducing smoking among teens.  He added that there are no benefits in teens’ exposure to electronic cigarettes.

The alarming smoking trend is even worse in Indiana, which is among the heaviest smoking US states.  Here, there are about 14% of young adults and older teens aged 18-25 who began smoking last year. Indiana also has 7% of adolescents aged 12-17 who smoked in the last year.

It is purported that ecigs are being used by young people as gateway to smoking real cigarettes.  In Indiana, there is a new law banning ecig sale to minors aged below 18 years old.

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