Throttling Electronic Cigarettes Could Be Murderous

Chelsea March 31, 2014 0

There will be 105,000 people whose lives will be at risk as EU bureaucrats and Big Pharmaceutical companies continue to strangle the ecigarette industry. Many people will be killed as electronic cigarettes continue to be seen by lawmakers and some members of society as evil rather than good.

Ecigs Are Like Snus

Times journalist Matt Ridley discussed snus in his recent article. Sweden, he said is a country well known for solving policy issues. The country is also ahead of other European nations in smoke control. Of all the countries in Europe, it also has the fewest number of smokers. The lung cancer rate among Swedish men aged older than 35 is even less than half the rate in Britain.

The Swedes achieved this not by zealously banishing smokers or shaming them, but through competition and innovation. Back in the 1980s, The Swedes have developed snus, a tobacco product that is meant to be placed under the upper lip. Snus offers nicotine with no tar since there is no smoke. Snus has become the most popular smoke cessation means in Sweden and also in Norway.

In Britain, snus is not available due to the EU-wide ban. When Sweden became part of EU, it actually negotiated for the special opt-out on snus. Today, EU remains adamant in recognizing the benefits of snus on smoking control.

Ecigarette are akin to snus in several ways. They involve no smoke and they can also help significantly reduce smoke-related deaths. While the EU commission said that it does not ban electronic cigarettes, its approved restrictions are seemingly slow death sentences to vapers. Most vapers are former smokers who found new lives through ecigarettes.

Many experts believe that ecigs can save millions of lives and could wipe out smoking given decades of free accessibility. The greatest health advance since vaccines was how Imperial College professor David Nutt described ecigarettes.

Interestingly, ecig sales increase as tobacco cigarette sales decrease. According to surveys, ecigs are today’s most popular smoke cessation method, even though the authorities have not endorsed or encouraged smokers to use them.

Rather than welcome the technology, politicians who call themselves public servants choose to be of disservice to smoking citizens who put them where they are now by imposing laws and rules on ecigs. EU lawmakers recently approved a policy that involves limiting nicotine at only 20 mg/ml in eliquids. Most vapers find smoke cessation success from vaping nicotine levels above this maximum allowed level.

In Britain, the products will soon be licensed as medicines, limiting their access to consumers. This will also mean the end for most small ecig companies that cannot afford costly medical licensing. Vaping innovations will also be halted and delayed.

Why The Ecig Opposition

The European Commission’s attitude to ecigarettes is similar to how it behaved towards genetically modified produce.

They miss the essential point by raising unknown, but small vaping risks. For them utopian safety should be the goal rather than harm reduction. In UK, the MHRA believes that ecig technology will improve only through medicinal regulations. They fail to see that this will only place high barriers that could stifle innovation. Doctors approve this because they will be paid for their ecig prescriptions before a smoker could buy the product.

Big Pharma supports ecig regulations because ecigarettes directly rival their nicotine replacement therapy products that poorly help in smoke cessation. If ecigs are to be banned because of nicotine, these NRTs should also be banned. Ignorance and unwillingness to accept ecigarettes are even more dangerous that what detractors perceive as vaping dangers. While vaping can help save lives, these regulations will only push people toward their grave.

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