The Various Flavors Of SkyCig Ecig Cartridges

Chelsea December 13, 2013 0

SkyCig Ecig cartridges contain e-liquid that is made with nicotine, propylene glycol, artificial and natural flavorings. Propylene glycol is a water-based ingredient that has been used in other health products, foods, beverages and medicines.

Every cartridge from SkyCig can last about 30 pieces of traditional cigarettes. The actual lifespan of SkyCig Ecig cartridges will be dependent on how long and how frequent you take draws from your device.

Cartridge refills come in different nicotine strengths (bold – 18 mg, regular – 12 mg, light – 6 mg) and flavors. This way, you could choose which one you really like and customize your vaping experience.

There are 3 tobacco flavor blends that taste just like real tobacco cigarettes and these are perfect if you want to relive your real smoking experience. There are also non-tobacco flavors of SkyCig Ecig cartridges you could try to vape something new and exciting.

A pack of five cartridges is £10.95. Buy 2 five-packs and each would only cost about £9.95. Purchase 4 5-packs and each will only be worth £9.95.

Classic Tobacco

This is the best selling flavor of SkyCig cartridges. It was carefully blended to include distinctive notes of Virginia, Indian and Brazilian tobaccos.

This smoky, medium-bodied vape has oak hints with nutty and sweet finish. Every puff will give you full and rich flavor.

Users claim to love this flavor that is slightly sweet, but still offers realistic tobacco essence.

Tobacco Gold

If you are looking for a smoother tobacco vape, this is a flavor that you must get. Compared to the Classic Tobacco, it tastes somewhat sweeter.

A Gold Standard, this option still offers a full bodied essence that is slightly buttery as inspired by traditional rich tobaccos.

Users approve the light and mellow tobacco flavor in this vape while others who favor stronger tobacco flavors find this to be somewhat stale.

Crown Menthol

Each puff that you take from this cartridge will deliver into your mouth a refreshing explosion of spearmint. It is a sumptuous flavor to have because it delivers not just the minty essence, but also subtle vanilla and tobacco mix.

The slight sweetness carefully balances the minty sharpness of spearmint. Your taste buds will be tickled and tantalized by this refreshing and clean wintery flavor.

Crown Tobacco

This offers a luxurious tobacco blend for those who prefer finer tobacco. It is smooth and aromatic as what you could expect from finest tobaccos; but slightly different because of its mocha undertones.

Users like the hit this flavor gives, which delivers hints of chocolate and coffee with tobacco.

Crown Vanilla

Vanilla essence used in this vape is one that was extracted from Vanilla Orchid in Madagascar, which is as beautiful as it its delicious.

Every puff is smooth and satisfying as you enjoy the sweet blast of vanilla. This unique vape is complex, yet gentle.

Some users, however, are looking for more intense vanilla essence in this vape.

Crown Cherry

Cherries have always been the sweetest natural delicacy that was already enjoyed even during the Ancient Roman and Greek era.

Every puff will deliver the delectable flavor of cherries whose fragrance will satisfy your sweet fruity cravings.


You will certainly be transported to Indian Ocean by the exotic puffs of this flavor that was inspired by Cinnamon from Sri Lanka.

This bittersweet and aromatic vape is also made to satisfy and thus became one of the many users’ favorites.

This cartridge will not disappoint you because it can produce unique billows of warm and fragrant vapors. Your sweet cravings would likewise be satisfied by this cinnamon vape.

As vaping is a personal p-reference, some people who like stronger flavors might find the cinnamon essence in this vape short of their expectations. Nonetheless, many users still claim that they love the uniqueness of this flavor that perfectly blends spiciness and sweetness.

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