The Ego Series Ecigarettes: eGo-T and eGo-W

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Ego Series Ecigarettes are the most prevalently used electronic cigarettes today. Immense battery life, low atomizer resistance, best vapor production and attractive appearances in affordable prices are what Ego Series Ecigarettes can offer.

These electronic cigarettes are still pretty small, yet they do not take the appearance akin to real cigarettes; thus a smoker would not be confused or mistaken as a traditional smoker.

The original developer of Ego series ecigarettes is Joyetech. Its products are widely distributed in the US and other countries by numerous retailers. However, due to inadequate strict protection of intellectual property in its country, China, other manufacturers have also used the eGo style in their products. Some even developed other versions of eGo basing on the original design by Joyetech.

Two of the now available models of eGo electronic cigarettes are eGo-T and eGo-W.

The eGo-T

This is an eGo model that will suit the taste of vapers preferring better vapor over convenience. This version offers the benefits of dripping.

Common attributes that most vapers seek for in electronic cigarettes are cleanliness, convenience and battery power for an all day of vaping.

After the original eGo was released, next to be offered by the developer was eGo-T. It was the very first ecig featuring a tank system. There is a plastic tank that the user could refill with e-liquid instead of the prefilled cartridges that need to be replaced each time they run out of liquid.

This is the most popular type of eGo used today. One example is the Joye eGo-Tank System (XXL 1000mAh) Starter Kit offered by

With this kit, the hassle of frequent refilling is eliminated because the tank can hold a larger amount of liquid. With no sponge filler, the tank cartridge can hold 1.2 ml of e-liquid.

Its battery is also designed with power saving feature. The button needs to be clicked quickly for 5 times in order to lock or to unlock the battery. This is helpful in preventing accidental power discharge when you place the device inside your pocket or purse.

This device is compatible with other eGo accessories. Inside this package come 2 XXL manual batteries with 1100mAh rating, 2 tank atomizers, 5 tank cartridges, rapid charger, USB adapter and pouch with user manual.

The eGo-W

This electronic cigarette design was not from Joyetech. It is the product of third parties attempting to use the eGo form factor and further expand the features.

Most eGo models use tanks, but eGo-W makes use of CE2-style cartomizers with top coils. The window cylinder allows protection of cartomizer and easy viewing of remaining e-liquids.

This eGo-W can potentially create more vapors, but such cartomizers are usually reported for harsh and dry puffs. It is sometimes referred to as F1 ecig.

One example is the eGo-W E-Cigarettes vapor smokeless eCig with pen cap offered by The cartomizer is cylindrical and has bigger capacity than eGo-T. This model looks more like a pen, complete with a pen cap that serves as cover for the mouthpiece when the device is not in use. The mouthpiece is flat so it is more comfortable to inhale from it.

This ball pen style of the device, combined with a dust-proof design makes it very convenient to carry around. It is also said to be designed with double air circulation system for better vapor production.

Its atomizer can be removed and clean very easily too. A replacement atomizer head is only necessary if it is broken, making the device economical. Ego-W is available in 650 or 900 or 110mAh batteries that can create up to 800 puffs.

This livingsmoke eGo-W kit contains 2 cartomizers, 2 batteries, 2 empty bottle, 1 charger adapter, USB cable and manual.

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