The Controversy Of Vaping In Pubs

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Vaping in pubs is another controversy related to electronic cigarettes. Through ecigarettes, smokers were able to once again enjoy their nicotine habit while enjoying their drinks and the company of their friends in bars. Yet, public officials are threatened by the popularity of ecigs they decide to already ban them although ecigs cause no serious risks to users and to bystanders.

In 2013, there were about 1.3 million vapers and at present, there are probably more than 2 million vapers in the UK, said E-lites chief sales and marketing officer Trevor Field. The Welsh government has previously announced its plan to prohibit the use of electronic cigarettes in public enclosed places. Thus, vaping in pubs would soon not be allowed just like smoking.

Pro And Anti Vaping Pubs

Yet, even before the proposals are approved and enforced as law, some pub operators like Fuller’s, JD Wetherspoon and Mitchells & Butlers have already imposed no-vaping policies in their establishments.

Not all pub operators are against vaping. In fact, there are still a lot of pubs and bars allowing and welcoming vaping patrons such as Enterprise Inns. It entered a deal with Nicolites; a deal that involved offering Nicolites ecigs to patrons, which could very well be another source of revenue for Enterprise Inn’s 5,000 or more tenants.

Nigel Hardy leads the BAT’s Nicoventures section in UK. He said he appreciates some customers might not be comfortable with vaping in pubs. Ecig use, he said, is a decision for the venue owner to decide on according to the demands of their customers. He added they would support an action where the needs of both users and non-users of ecigs will be addressed.

Simon Clark is the director of Forest, a pro-smoker body. He believes that pubs must be given the right to make a decision on whether they will allow ecig use or not. He added that if pubs ever decide to ban vaping, their decision will be misguided. Some establishments ban the products by saying they look like cigarettes. This would be tantamount to saying that water is like vodka so it should also be banned. Besides, not all ecigs look like real cigarettes. There are devices that look like pens, tubes, etc.

Support For Discriminated Vapers

Lee Duke has personally experienced being told to stop vaping while inside large pub chains, on buses and while working in the office of a travel company he is working for. This Northampton man personally knows vapers are discriminated by society so he is now planning to organize a vape event inside a town center pub as an attempt to fight against the bigotry.

According to Lee, ecigs allow smokers to once again regain their freedom to indulge in their habit and satisfy their needs in public. These people have, in fact, made a decision to shift to something better; bust society is once again being biased to them although the vapors they exhale are harmless.

Once, he was inside a pub and decided to puff on his ecigs. The bartender asked him to stop vaping. When he asked the bartender why was vaping not allowed inside, the bar tender said vaping offends children. He wondered why the pub allowed children inside an establishment that is clearly for adults only.

Duke creates his very own flavored eliquids. He hopes that his planned evening event for vapers inside the Bear Pub located in Northampton center will be a success. The Bear pub is one of the pubs where there is no ‘no vaping rules’ enforced. The date for his planned event is not yet confirmed.

According to the owner of The Bear Pub, they have no issues with ecig users and vapers. Since they welcome vaping in the premises, it is no wonder why most of their patrons vape inside the pub. They hope that Duke will finally set the date and time for his event so they could have everything ready in the pub.

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