The Controversial Cartoon Eliquid Label By Lost Art

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There are indeed no rules to stop ecig retailers and companies from selling and marketing their products anyway they like such as the use of cartoon eliquid label. One company to have involved itself in controversy because of this marketing strategy is Lost Art, purveyor of flavored eliquids.

Electronic cigarettes have been the center of controversy these days. Critics have been throwing more than a reasonable amount of faults at the devices such as possibly attracting young consumers into a new form of nicotine addiction. Thus, many ecigarette users and advocates believe that every ecigarette stakeholder (sellers, buyers and users) must be responsible in every action they perform so as not to give critics further reason to attack the community and the industry.

Controversial Cartoon Eliquid Label

In recent vape community news, vapers have discovered that Lost Art announced its new ejuice flavor, PB Krunch. While the taste of this new eliquid could easily become many vapers’ favorite, a group of ecigarette users have threatened to boycott Lost Art until it has decided to change its product label.

PB Krunch, released on April 15, 2014, is supposed to mimic the taste of peanut butter Capn Crunch cereal. Many users fell in love with the ejuice flavor and even approved the label used by Lost Art. However, many vapers who are more critical thinking than others were displeased.

So disgruntled were these vapers that they filled the Lost Art’s FB page with their fuming comments. Kash Khan, for example, described Lost Art as an Irresponsible Company. Mike Gienetti said that the company should be shunned because of its choice to market its eliquids with cartoon labels. Gianetti explained that this is only helping ecigarette critics, particularly the government in further believing that ecigs are out for no good. Daniel James Boyer asked that Lost Art not use cartoon in its labels.

This is a critical time for ecigarettes, considering that the industry is a hot item in the eyes of regulators. Anything that vapers, companies, manufacturers, retailers and vendor will do will certainly be observed by the critics.

Any sign of flaw can be used by ecig opponents as an excuse in attacking and annihilating the industry and the community. The use of cartoons in tobacco cigarettes has been objected in the past. To use these cartoon ads is definitely not a smart decision by ecigarette companies. Companies that use such marketing strategy is not only causing trouble for itself, but also for the entire community and industry of electronic cigarettes.

Unappreciated Comments

Mike Kramer was among those vapers that did not like the cartoon label. He posted his comments on the Lost Art’s FB page too. However, when the eliquid company replied to Kramer’s comment, it said it was just a label and that kids should not be seeing such labels in the first place. Customers should be at least 18 years old before being allowed to enter a vape shop or ordering the product online. Lost Art said that an online store’s products would not be shown to anyone aged below 18 years old.

The company said they meant for the label to be funny and that they like the label. To Mike KLramer, Lost Art said thank you, but disagreed with him as well as with other vapers who shared the same sentiments as Kramer’s.

Apparently, disgruntled vapers even had their own discussion about this behavior and decision of Lost Art to market its products in hardly responsible way. Phil Whitmore said that the company should not be able to just market products however they like.

Jen Elridge argued that it is parents’ responsibility to prevent kids from even seeing the label and took the side of the company in question. Vapin TJ agreed that while it is indeed the responsible of parents to safeguard their children, everyone should consider deeming regulations. Such actions by Lost Art are giving critics an even louder voice to oppose ecigarettes.

Perhaps Lost Art was overwhelmed by the reaction of vapers, it decided to change the label and encouraged everyone to continue vaping.

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