The Anti-Ecig Moves In Florida

Chelsea February 17, 2014 0

Trying to catch up with the fame of ecigs are anti-ecig moves aiming to ban electronic cigarettes for the protection of the public, particularly the youth. Movements against electroic cigarettes are rampant worldwide and nationwide. In Florida, for instance, various areas and communities have started considering and implementing ecigarette bans.

Anti-Ecig Moves In Miami

Miami City Commissioners are mulling over an ordinance that will ban ecig sale to minors. If approved no one under 18 years old could buy the devices, just like tobacco products. The majority of ecigarettes available in stores and shops contain nicotine, a substance that is not recommended for use by young people as it could affect their brain development.

Ecigs are also available in flavors that manufacturers claim are targeted towards adult smokers whose sense of taste is slowly coming back when they began vapiing. Yet, ecig opponents argue that these flavors have only one purpose, which is to attract and lure the youth.

The ordinance also involves banning the sales of ecigs through vending machines. According to CDC, the number of middle and high school students who have ever tried using electronic cigarettes has doubled from 2011 to 2012.

According to Commissioner Wilfredo Gort, they have received reports wherein they found out that ecigs are seemingly equally dangerous as real cigarettes. He mentioned about the flavors added to eliquids that attract children.

Ejuices have varying nicotine levels usually from 0 mg to 36 mg. Daniel Ramos owns RopTech vappr shop and he said that smokers who already smoke are able to cut down their nicotine consumption by gradually lowering the levels of nicotine in their eliquids.

Ramos added that his store does not cater to anyone below 18. In fact, the labels on their products indicate that the users must be at least 18 years old. He said they ask for IDs with pictures and license.

If the ordinance would be approved, he said that his business will not be affected since their customers are adult smokers and consumers. He added that the number of consumers in their target market is already enormous that they do not need to attract younger people just to make the business thrive.

Ecigs are not covered by any federal laws so each state and locality is let making its own ecigarette legislation and policy.

Anti-Ecig Moves In Seminole County

School officials in Seminole County said they will not wait for the state legislators to take action as they will already ban the devices at school.

Like other schools and communities worried about the lack of clear regulations on ecigarettes, the Seminole School District said that it is making its own policy on preventing any person from using ecigs on the school premises.

Right now, tobacco products are not allowed in school, but the policy would be expanded to include the ecigarettes. Some high school students said that ecigs are becoming popular and their parents might not be aware of it.

Some ecig vendors are scrupulous and professional. They know that their products are meant only for adult consumers. However, there are some, who use the loophole in the law and take advantage of it by saying that ecigarettes are not covered by any law with minimum age requirement so they sell the products even to children and teenagers.

Once in effect, the new ecig policy will prohibit any student, faculty member or parent from using the devices while on the school ground and during any school-sponsored event. Michael Lawrence of Seminole County Schools said that they only need to be clear in writing the policy so students and even employees will explicitly know what are approved and not approved.

There are also other school districts in the Central Florida area with similar bans in place such as Osceola, Volusia and Orange counties. In Brevard County, vapor cigarettes already fall under the tobacco ban while in Lake County, the school district said that its rules amendments are still underway.

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