Switching To Ecigs Improve Taste Buds And Health

Chelsea January 17, 2014 0

If you were to list down the possible benefits of switching to ecigs, you will realize that there really are lots of profits to gain when you choose these electronic devices over analog cigarettes.

Improvements On Taste

Vaping can bring back your taste buds. When you smoke, among the things that suffer from degradation are your taste buds. They change in shape, become flattened and lose receptiveness.

Scientists from Greece have performed a study on the taste sensitivity of non-smokers and smokers. The head of the team was Dr. Pavlidis Pavlos, who noted that their tests have detected very significant differences in between the taste threshold of the two groups. The researchers concluded that smoking leads to reduced taste sensitivity.

Vaping Is Better Than Smoking

It is here where ecigarette come as a better alternative. Ecigs function to create vapors and not smoke. Thus, the taste buds remain sensitive and sharp even while you perform an act closely resembling smoking.

Many smokers who have jumped into this vaping habit have all noticed that they were able to taste better and appreciate foods better too. Their ability to taste has become stronger only after a short while of vaping. Such changes should importantly be understood as a process of various cycles that the body needs to go through while getting accustomed to the absence of tobacco.

There are changes that you would notice and experience that might not be among your expectations. Some vapers might say that the original strength of their smokeless cigarettes decreased. This can be attributed to the fact that they have become familiar or immune to the ecigarette’s flavor.

Improvement of Health

Ex smokers or current vapers were surveyed. It was found that the majority of them experienced dramatic improvements in their smell and taste since the time they have given up smoking.

About 94% of vapers reported that their general health improved; 82% appreciated better ability to smell and 77% loved that they can taste better. These improvements of smell and taste, according to many vapers, are what sustain them from going back to the disgusting smoking habit.

Less Salt And Seasonings

Their personal accounts tell about the way they now smell and taste their foods. While they were still smoking, these people would typically add more salt or seasonings to their beverages and foods. Their dulled taste buds fail to perceive the saltiness or sweetness of foods that they always added more sugar or salt just to appreciate what they put in their mouths.

Excessive amounts of salt and sugar are definitely not recommended because there are health consequences awaiting smokers aside from possible lung and heart diseases due to smoking.

A little amount of salt is necessary in regulating bodily fluids and maintaining nerve and muscle functions. According to American Heart Association, we need only half a teaspoon or 3.75 grams of salt daily. Smokers tend to exceed this amount of intake because they cannot taste foods. If they will not add more salt to their foods, they would probably not just eat.

A diet that is high in salt can lead to heart complications, hypertension, digestive and kidney problems, hormone and electrolyte imbalance, etc. From studies, it was also found that excess salt is often countered by consuming more sugary drinks.

With too much sugar, the body of smokers further deteriorates. They end up with high cholesterol, gain weight and even develop other conditions like diabetes.

Poor eating habits, according to researchers, are correlated to smoking. However, former smokers were able to experience that their eating habits also improve when they decided to give up smoking.

A significant point here is that eigs can help smokers in ending the bad habit of smoking. Former smokers, just on the first few days of vaping, could already experience great improvements like the ability to taste and to smell their foods.

Switching to ecig gives smokers a second shot in living a well-lived and meaningful life. You maybe want to try Blu Cigs. This brand has done a wonderful job of providing smokers with a cleaner and less harmful alternative to cigarettes in a sleek form factor that stands out in the crowd. Get them for less using our Blu Cigs Coupon Codes.

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