State Lawmakers From Woburn Favor Ecig Law

Chelsea October 9, 2013 0

The ecig law sponsored by Rep. Jeffrey Sanchez, a Jamaica Plain Democrat is supported by the state law makers of Woburn.  Under this proposed legislation,  electronic cigarettes as well as other tobacco products like candy flavored cigars will be prohibited to the access of minors in the entire state of Massachusetts.

Electronic Cigarettes Still Legal In MA

Throughout the state, nicotine delivery products like electronic cigarettes are still legally sold to consumers below 18 years old as there are no state laws forbidding them. Thus, 78 municipalities in MA have already taken action against the new smoking devices.

Officials in these 78 cities have already passed local ecig law that will prohibit youth from accessing and buying electronic cigarettes.

According to the bill’s sponsor, many people think that this issue is already covered for by the presently enforced laws.

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Support For Ecig La From Woburn Representatives

Rep. James Dwyer for precincts 2-6 in Woburn expressed his strong support an ecig law in ensuring that the devices are scrutinized and treated with the same standards for regular cigarettes in terms of keeping them away from the hands of minors.

He also said that that he has been at work with the local awareness groups like Reading Coalition Against Substance Abuse so that means to prevent sales of tobacco products to youth may be determined and enforced.

Another Woburn representative supporting the ecig law is Rep. Jay Kaufman for precincts 1-7.  According to Kaufman, one of the very important issues is that electronic cigarettes are heavily marketed to children.  Thus, there really is a need to consider the devices as gateway drug.

There are now 12 US states that have passed ecig laws that restrict selling of the products in one way or another.

Furthermore, Kaufman also stated that public health issue aside; these products should also be under the ecig law that will tax them like regular cigarettes. Kaufman is the chairman of Joint Committee on Revenue.  In Massachusetts last month, lawmakers have added another $1 on the tax of one cigarette packing, making a total tax of $2.51-3.51.

No Studies To Confirm If They Are Safe Of Not

To date, there are still no conclusive studies that can confirm if electronic cigarettes are safe or unsafe. At present, the available research findings seem unreliable and confusing.  There are some studies that say these devices are unsafe and there are also those that claim they are safe.

Absence Of Federal Regulations

The much awaited decision from the FDA concerning how the products will be regulated or monitored is yet to be announced. Since there are still no federal rules that manufacturers and sellers are supposed to follow, Tobacco Free Massachusetts Executive Director Tami Gouveia said that there are still no tests performed that is supposed to determine the exact nicotine level that each brand contains.  There are no consumer protections and there health impacts are still not known.

What the FDA has done about these devices was still a few years ago in 2008-2010 when the agency has blocked electronic cigarette importation on the argument that they are not proven device or drug in accordance to the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act. Unfortunately, a federal court overturned this decision of the FDA; saying the products must instead be regulated as tobacco, unless a product is advertised to have a therapeutic claim.

More On The Proposed Ecig Law

Aside from restricting sales to minors, the proposed legislation also includes nicotine delivery and tobacco products definitions.  This ecig law is also said to include banning of the use of prohibited products on any public school ground.

Where smoking is prohibited, so does the use of the products such as in offices and workplaces.  Samples will also not be allowed to be distributed by retailers or manufacturers other than in smoking bars and tobacco stores.

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