South Beach Smoke Mobile Showroom Now Rolling

Chelsea October 16, 2013 0

The first ever South Beach Smoke Mobile Showroom has been rolling out in New York City. This new marketing campaign of South Beach Smoke is said to be out, bringing Miami to this city that never sleeps for the whole month of August until early part of September.

The Mobile Showroom

This custom-designed, three-wheeled vehicle of South Beach Smoke will travel throughout the city, stopping at high traffic areas to offer electronic cigarette samples to New Yorkers.  Through this unique marketing strategy of South Beach Smoke, passersby are able to try the electronic cigarette devices and different cartridge flavors that it offers at zero cost.

This campaign started last August 8 in Herald Square and is expected to conclude on the first week of September for the yearly celebration of Labor Day.

The plan is for this Mobile Showroom to stop at the most popular sites, events, nightclubs and parks in New York City such Tines Square, Pacha Nightclub, Meat Packaging District and the Electric Zoo. Electric Zoo is not a place, but a much-awaited popular music festival that is scheduled to happen on Labor Day at the Randall’s Island.

What Are In Store For Visitors

This Mobile Showroom from South Beach Smoke will showcase starter kits, cartridges, power cigs, accessories and disposable items.

Furthermore, everyone who will pass by and checkout what the mobile showroom has will also offer special deals and promotions from South Beach Smoke.

Visitors have three options that they can choose from. One if the biggest promotion involves 50% slash off from the total price of a customer’s orders that are placed and transacted at the Mobile Showroom.

The second promo is offered on the social media network, Facebook.  South Beach Smoke will give a lucky winner and a friend two gift certificates worth $100 just by posting a photograph with a postcard written with the message “Kiss Me! I’m Smoke-Free!”.

These postcards will be given away through the entire campaign duration by representatives manning this Mobile Showroom.  The last promo that anyone stopping by the automobile can enjoy is the distribution of free samples.

About South Beach Smoke

Premium electronic cigarettes are what the company has to offer.  With these products, smokers now have much better smoking alternatives that are non-flammable and high-tech.  With these devices, smokers can obtain nicotine without getting tobacco’s numerous harmful components.

South Beach Smoke is unlike other companies that use ingredients sourced from abroad.  All ingredients used in manufacturing the products are all USA made.

Choose among the three starter kits from this brand, which includes every item necessary to start enjoying vaping with satisfaction and freedom.

Ten flavored cartridges are offered and they include three tobacco flavor blends, peppermint, menthol, cherry, vanilla, peach, piña colada and chocolate.  These flavors all come in five nicotine levels: bold at 24 mg, full at 18 mg, light at 12 mg, ultra light at 6 mg and no nicotine at 0 mg.

Its products are offered to consumers at affordable prices, without compromising the quality of items.  The company’s top priority is to keep its customers satisfied with all its products and offers.

One representative of South Beach Smoke who was at the Mobile Showroom said that a lot of different people like shoppers, tourists, bar hopper and even business professionals have visited the showroom to discover what their products.

All visitors had a great time as they sample various flavors. Some were also surprised when they learned that electronic cigarettes can be used virtually anywhere and will not give off offensive smell or smoke. Get V2 Cigs for less using this amazing promo codes!

On the Facebook page of South Beach Smoke, fans are regularly updated about the latest news, locations and deals of the Mobile Showroom.

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