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Chelsea November 11, 2013 0

As the company’s slogan goes, you have something better to enjoy vaping from the US made liquids offered by EC Blend.  The company makes use of only pharmaceutical grade and FDA approved ingredients.

As much as possible, only natural flavorings are used; but there are some liquid flavors that are made with artificial flavorings; yet, they are still safe to be vaped.  Only Kosher, USP Food Grade and 100% pure PG and VG are used.

EC Blend Liquids are custom made and blended according to the customer’s specifications.  This company lets you choose flavor strength (in regular, extra and double extra flavors), bottle size, strength, base mix of Vg and PG, cool hit or menthol, extra flavorings and even the sourness.

Novice vapers are suggested to use 50/50 VG/PG ratio and then adjustments can be made as you progress.  The PG in a liquid will result to thinner e-juice, less vapor, but better throat hit.  The more VG in a liquid will result to thicker e-juice, less throat hit, but more vapor.  Throat hit, however, will be influenced as well by the type of device used.

You are assured that this e-liquid maker does not dilute its e-liquids with more ethyl alcohol or distilled water.  Below are some of the numerous e-liquid products from this company.

Dragon Signature Series

These are very popular blends offered by EC Blend. They are known for their very creamy tastes.  Get a 5 ml bottle of liquid for just $2.50; $5.95 is for 15 ml; $8.99 is 30 ml; $14.65 for 50 ml and $35 for 125 ml.

You may also choose to add extra and double extra flavorings.  Available nicotine strengths are 0 mg for non-nicotine users, 6 mg for ultra light smokers, 12 mg for light smokers, 18 mg for regular smokers, 24 mg for strong and 36 for ultra strong (although this is recommended to be diluted).

Base mixes offered are reduced PG, 40PG/60VG, 50/50, 60/40, 70/30, 80/20 and 100 PG.  You can make a juice flavor sweeter or even sour.

Dragon Apple is the combination of this e-juice maker’s Green and Red Apples with a tinge of English Toffee in the creamy version of Dragon liquids.  Dragon’s Blood offers the rich and creamy zest of dragon fruit.

Dragon’s Breath is a perfect flavor to vape after your sumptuous dinner to leave your mouth feeling fresh and cool with some creamy goodness.  A special mints combination is blended with creamy dragon series.

Dragon’s Brew is espresso blended with the creamy dragon juice.  If you like some more creamy goodness in a coffee-like vape, you must try the Dragon’s Cafe that essentially mixes espresso with 3 vanilla flavors.

Dragon’s Cream offers juicy raspberries mixed with another mystifying zest.  Dragon’s Choice is the combination of blueberry and banana.  Dragon’s Crown lets you vape the enjoyable goodness of coconut with the Dragon’s Tear juice. You may even add some more coconut or strawberry to your liquid.

Dragon’s Delight is the flavor to vape for some peaches and pear cream.  Dragon’s Dream offers dreamy and creamy orange zest.

Dragon’s Frozen Tear is the combined tastes of Strawberry Dragon’s Tear and Dragon’s Breath.

Dragon’s Kiss is creamy chocolate with cherries. Dragon’s Leaf is the creamy tobacco flavor blended with blueberry.  Dragon’s Magic is ambrosia mixed with Dragon Cream.

Dragon’s Milk is the combined tastes of cinnamon, rice and Dragon Cream.  Dragon’s Nectar boasts of creamy ho9neysuckle.  Dragon’s Passion is creamy passion fruit with other delectable fruits.

Dragon’s Roar is the company’s bestselling Cinnamon Fireball mixed with creamy Dragon series.  Finally, Dragon’s Tear is the Strawberry great flavor in Dragon’s Blood.

Browse through the e-juice company’s website to find out other exciting, unique and even novel flavors to enjoy in your vapors. For ecig news and reviews do visit

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