Some Retailers Found Violating Ecigarette Law

Chelsea June 11, 2014 0

The FDA has already announced its proposed electronic cigarette regulations. However, these policies might take a few more years before they are finally implemented. Thus, many states and communities have decided to take the initiative in imposing their own ecigarette law.

Disobedience To The Law

In Illinois, a new state law that bans ecig sale to minors has taken effect. However, some retailers were found breaching this law. These unlawful actions of some retailers were uncovered by two NBC 5 Investigates college-aged interns.

The interns used hidden cameras in documenting the tobacco shops close to Wrigley Field. Their documentary aimed at knowing whether they will be asked to present IDs as proof of age when buying electronic cigarettes. Illinois state ecigarette law requires store clerks to ask and check the IDs of their customers who look like younger than 27 years old.

There were seven shops that the interns visited. Four shops, fortunately, checked for IDs to verify customer’s ages. Unfortunately, three shops were found guilty of law violation. These stores collected payments without caring to ask for IDs.

One of these three stores was Halsted Smoke Shop that did not card the intern when purchasing an e-hookah pen. The guilty store later said they usually ask for IDs. Another store was Smoke Shop Novelties and Stuff located on North Clark. It sold the intern an ecigarette without asking any ID. When NBC 5 Investigates later asked about the policy, the clerk referred them to the owner, who failed to give the requested comment.

Ecig Bans Due To Nicotine

Ecigarettes are battery powered devices that vaporize eliquids, liquid solutions that are often laced with nicotine. Dr. Scott Frank from University Hospital’s Case Medical Center remarked that the liquid nicotine in ecigs is derived from tobacco so they are essentially tobacco products.

It is noteworthy to mention that the nicotine in NRTs like nicotine patches, gums, inhalers and lozenges is also sourced from tobacco; but these pharmaceutical products are not under attacks from lawmakers albeit many of them being available in fruit and mint flavors too.

In Chicago, a new law bans ecig use in any public indoor area based on grounds that vaping would make other people think (particularly the youth) that smoking once again allowed and normal.

Paul Baumgartner is a high school senior who thinks that teens use ecigs to look cool. He speaks just like the adult anti-ecig advocates who say that ecigs are copying what real cigarette did back in the 80s even though he is most likely not yet born during those years. However, the 18 years old Baumgartner says he occasionally vapes, but he still prefers smoking real cigarettes. According to him, ecigs give him raspy feeling in his throat and make his lungs wheeze. He said it is weird because most people claim ecigs are healthier.

Not all ecigarettes are the same and it is important that if you really want to enjoy vaping, you must look for a device and eliquid (proper strength, PG/VG ratio) that will really satisfy your needs and preferences. It is not fair to say ecigs are not effective after trying just 1-2 brands or types only.

Furthermore, many first time ecig users claim that vaping even made them feel worse because of some troubling symptoms they experienced. Actually, a vaper needs to be well-read even before starting the new habit of vaping.

Vaping is essentially quitting smoking (if you are replacing your cigarettes with ecigs completely) so you must expect some withdrawal symptoms like coughs, wheezing, vomiting, nausea, headaches, etc. Do not be quick in judging that vaping is actually as bad as smoking because for all you know, you only need to continue vaping and all these difficult symptoms will go away.

It is the responsibility of retailers to educate their customers, along with following the enforced laws and policies. However, not all retailers are conscientious so it is important to deal with reputable vendors and companies only.

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