Smoking Regulations Reminders Before School Starts

Chelsea October 2, 2013 0

Before the new 2013-2014 school year starts, Madison County Health board reminded local schools, cities, law enforcers and residents about the smoking regulations and laws that were enacted last year. These laws promote the protection of minors in New York from the life threatening impacts of tobacco cigarettes.

Smoking Regulations In NY

The two laws that the Board of Health reminded their citizens about are smoking regulations that must be exercised in relation to schools and to students.

Public Health Law Article 13-E is a measure that outlaws smoking contained in the 100 feet perimeter from the entrances and exits of schools, both private and public or the outdoor areas of these schools.  The second regulation is Public Health Law Article 13-F indicates the prohibition of electronic cigarette sales to any person under 18 years old.

Smoking Regulations Prohibiting Cigarettes Outside School Grounds

Every year in the state of New York, ten thousands of people die due to tobacco use and secondhand exposure.  Smokers are not the only ones in danger, but even those people surrounding a smoker.  Secondhand smoke is as detrimental to health as direct smoke itself.  Risks are even higher for young people who are still in their developmental stage.

The two smoking regulations that New Yorkers are being reminded about can help strengthen the state’s goal to protect young people from nicotine addiction and also from the harmful cigarette smoke effects.

The implementation of distance policy is similar with that of Clean Indoor Air Act’s other requirements.  Owners of non-residential properties adjacent to any school are accountable for taking reasonable steps in enforcing this regulation on any part of their properties that fall within the legally defined 100 feet boundary of schools.

Residents and residential property owners are, however, excluded from this distance restriction. This law that started to be effective since September 5, 2012 prohibits smoking on the school grounds.

Smoking Regulations Banning The Sale Of Electronic Cigarettes To Minors

Most of the Americans who use cigarettes and tobacco products become addicted and dependent on nicotine before they even reach the legal age of 18 years old.  There is a relatively new product in the market, electronic cigarette, which is promoted as a safer and better alternative to conventional cigarettes.

An electronic cigarette is powered by a battery. It contains an atomizer that heats the liquid in the cartridge to make vapors that the smoker can inhale like tobacco smoke. Yet, unlike tobacco smoke, this vapor delivers just nicotine, not the other harmful tobacco chemicals.

E-liquids come in various flavors, many of which are so delicious and tempting that prohibitionists believe that children can be easily enticed.  Studies show that many students have already tried using the electronic vaping devices.

Once they have a taste of the product that contains nicotine, it can be easy for these young people to become addicted.  It can be easy for them to also smoke real cigarettes afterward.

For younger children who are not yet tempted on trying to use the products, there is still a risk lying in waiting.  Cartridges are usually sold with no protective packaging or wrapping.  With the high nicotine contents of these cartridges, young children are at risk if they accidentally ingest the substance.  There are other ingredients contained in these liquids that the FDA warned to be toxic and unsafe.
This law that prohibits electronic cigarette sales to minors took effect since January 1st of this year.

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