Smelling Hypocrisy In Ecigarette Opposition

Chelsea March 17, 2014 0

Free Republic is a foremost online site where one could find a lot of worthy to read independent and grass roots conservatism. One of the recent posts there was an article discussing the hypocrisy in ecigarette opposition.

One of the hottest trends today is ecigarette opposition. While more and more smoking dependents are finding electronic cigarettes to be their lifesavers, most legislators and anti-smoking groups seem to dislike this saving of lives from smoking.

Ban on public ecig use has also been a trend among paternalistic lawmakers all over the US. Various states have outlawed public vaping such as in North Dakota and New Jersey. Major cities like NYC, Chicago and LA now have this ban in place. Even in smaller towns and communities and individual businesses are all hooked in this addictive trend.

Ignoring Science And Truth

Lawmakers seem so stiff in their convictions that since vapors look like smoke, then ecig use can also cause innumerable deaths and deadly diseases. They chose to ban ecig use in public even though scientific studies have presented facts and findings that vaping is not dangerous as smoking.

R Street Institute’s data showed that ecigs can help reduce illness and mortality rates by over 98%. Moreover, there was one researcher from Cancer Research UK who stated that ecigs can save millions of people from untimely deaths. The Washington Post editorial board also recognized ecigs as useful tobacco harm reduction tool rather than smoking gateway.

No Tobacco, But Considered As Tobacco

At the US Capitol, a group of Democratic senators have been pushing for a law that will ban vaping. They have also been pressuring Rite Aid, Walgreens and the trade associations that represent chain pharmacies to make the same decision that CVS recently made in no longer stocking tobacco products.

Ecigarettes have no tobacco and contain not a hint of tobacco, but lawmakers and their cohorts say they are tobacco products. Therefore, they desire also to impose the same tobacco restrictions on the devices that will outlaw them from government property, drug stores and television.

Where Hypocrisy Can Be Smelled

On the letter these politicians sent to the drug stores, they recommended them to increase access of consumers to tobacco cessation devices. This is the part where hypocrisy can be clearly discerned. If they were sincere and serious in pursuing harm reduction and smoke cessation, then they should not go against ecigarettes.

They ought to listen to real and living people testifying that their lives have been changed and saved by electronic cigarettes.

There was this study performed in Italy where more than half of the participants reduced their cigarette consumption by 50% when they were given electronic cigarettes to use. According to the R Street study findings, ecigs were found to have some traces of carcinogens; BUT, these carcinogen levels were also the same as the amounts of carcinogens found in FDA-approved nicotine replacement therapy products.

These ecigs, apparently, are at par with the smoke cessation devices proclaimed by the senators. Moreover, smokers prefer using ecigs as their cessation aid rather than the NRTs and medications that previously failed them. This is because ecigs not just deliver nicotine; they also address other aspects of smoking to which smokers are attached to. This is what ecigarette detractors fail to consider.

What Could Be Done Instead

Outlawing the devices is most probably the easiest way these legislators have thought in performing their supposed duty to serve and protect the interest of the citizens. Conversely, there are other possible means that the government could execute its legitimate role.

The government could work with the ecig retailers to ensure no minors will buy them. It could also work with ecig manufacturers and producers to make ensure that products sold in the market are pure, safe and quality assured.

Obviously, these more helpful actions require more intense efforts. Also, these actions are essentially done with no need for limelight. Thus, these paternalistic lawmakers would rather hold their press releases to impress the public and to abuse the authority granted to them by the people who placed them in their current political positions.

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