Small Electronic Cigarettes Represent Something Bigger

Chelsea January 22, 2014 0

In an opinion piece by Jeffrey Tucker (CEO of published on The Daily Caller, he explained his perception about electronic cigarettes. He said that these devices, albeit small, are actually representations of bigger things.

Representing Better Future

Tucker said that ecigs are among the marvelous products that have become so popular last year and they continue to be well-accepted by more and more people.

Ecigs deliver nicotine to the body without filling the lungs with cancerous and dangerous substances. These devices are helping people give up smoking, avoid diseases and untimely deaths.

The society is now witnessing the vaping culture involving an innovation that will bring a better future. Ten years ago, he said, no one probably ever thought that an ecig would exist; except probably for Hon Lik, the ecigarette inventor. Initially expensive and perhaps limited, these devices are now widely available at prices that many can afford.

Representing The Saddening Truth About Politics

Years have been spent by the government and anti-smoking groups to fight tobacco. All over the world, there have been cigarette tax hikes, tobacco regulations, public smoking bans, etc.

One might expect that when a product that can really help in finally solving the smoking dilemma enters the scene, these groups will rejoice. However, far from what can be sensibly expected, they chose to reject the promising cessation devices.

It is now very obvious, although saddening, that our politicians, lawmakers and public health officials would rather spread more miseries to the public than really helping people to quit smoking.

Ecigarettes disrupt not only the tobacco industry, but also the control freaks. Forty AGs have written to the FDA to tell it that ecigs must immediately be stopped. Local and state politicians have been passing laws that will treat electronic cigarettes as tobacco cigarettes.

Prohibitions on ecigs are based solely on fears that are not substantiated by real evidences. Anti-ecig parties claim that the usefulness of the products is not yet confirmed by studies.

Pro-ecig parties would argue that the harmfulness of ecigs is likewise not verified. Besides, majority of studies (although small and preliminary) suggest that vaping is far safer than tobacco smoking. Thus, there seems no reason for banning a product that causes no harm.

The political system is theoretically about enhancing the well-being of citizens, about making people safe, healthy and protected; about allowing successful and productive commerce; about implementation of justice.

Tucker stated that this theory is not the reality. In real life, everything or most things about politics is the opposite of the theory.

What is seemingly displayed in the current political system is merely to gain control in every situation. Officials always try to control people by overriding whatever free choices people have and forcing their own will on the citizens.

Ecigarettes are not the only products that have been tried to put down by these so-called public servants. On a daily basis, they wreck consumer products, shut down websites, harass entrepreneurs, override innovation, hold back humanity and of course, tax the successful.

In the opinion piece, Tucker also mentioned that HL Mencken would describe this as Puritanism of the haunting fear felt by the politicians (and other people) that somewhere, someone could be happy.

Celebration For Ecigs

Ecigarettes are just among those innovative products aiming to bring improvements on people’s lives. The ecig industry, he said, should be celebrated for daring against opposition. Ecigarettes are set to make people’s lives better while the political culture is aimed at making life worse. Before the government finally enforces its rules, vape dens and vaporiums must be opened. Disobedience, according to the writer, could help make human progress possible.

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