Saber Touch From Vapormoon

Chelsea January 6, 2014 0

People behind Vapormoon, the makers of Saber Touch have tried various ecigarettes in the past and made the decision to create something of their own.

With Touch Sensitive Switch

Standard switches of most ecigarettes available have no switches that can be safely carried inside the pocket. These switches are also not enduring and wear out faster than expected.

This Saber Touch has a touch sensitive switch that can last a lifetime (or almost). Holding the mod will feel great in your hands because of its length and weight.

The finish requires refining and added details. Makers also wanted the mod to be sturdy with longer lasting batteries. They made an ecig that offers the sensation the same way that a sword feels when held by a fencer.

Most Dependable, Customizable Mod Ever

Purchasing this mod is investing on a unique, functional collector’s item ecig that is built to last. It is simply the best, the most dependable ecig mod. In fact, it is recognized all over the world for its vaping power and its dependable performance.

Its push button is not visibly seen and it offers nothings that will easily break down. It has a new built-in circuitry that makes it virtually impossible to burn out. It is a device that is guaranteed to last if maintained properly.

All models of this mod, except that Varivolt is covered by the 5-year limited warranty. Durability and safety are the two concepts considered when this mode was designed and developed.

Its touch activates switch can outlast any push button switch. Various electrical engineers and experienced users have subjected the mod to tests to ensure that Saber will have an optimal performance.

The device is assembled upon ordering so shipping will take awhile, about 14-21 business days.

Offered Features

Made of only the best materials, this mod is locally machined in Vapormoon’s own shop located in Maryland. Prior to shipping, the handcrafted mod is first subjected to thorough testing for 24 hours.

The body is crafted from 6061 aircraft aluminum. The detailed caps are made from solid brass. There are also smooth caps you can get that are made from turned polished brass.

The end caps are also available with nickel plating to give them sleek silver look. Its solid state electronics are guaranteed durable too.

The ecig mod utilizes 510 battery connector so it can be used with a variety of atomizers. The top is sealed for safety in order to prevent atomizer leaks that can cause unwanted damages.

This device has a touch contact pad that is ergonomically placed. The switch is made quite sensitive that you are not required to push too hard, only slightly to activate the switch.

Like other similar units, Saber has protection against under battery voltage. It also has a contact spring that is made to collapse when your battery fails. This spring mechanism is designed to be loose in order to easily replace it.

For safety, each side of the base has been fitted with 1 battery vent. Measuring 4 5/8 inches by 1 inch, this mod has 4 offered finishes: Satin lack Powder Coat, Shiny Aluminum, other powder coating colors and customizable Saber.

It is a telescopic mod that can run on 3.7 volts or 6 volts depending on your chosen battery. It can accommodate one 18650 3.7 volts battery or 2 rcr123a 3 volts batteries. You can also choose a regulated 5V device that will require two 16340 or 18350 3.7 volts batteries. It has a regulator that enables it to deliver constant 5 volts vaping power.

It is especially important to use small button top batteries. Use only good quality batteries that this device was designed for.

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