Rising Ecigarette Exposures In Arizona

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A rising number of ecigarette exposures has been said to occur in Arizona. The popularity of electronic cigarettes are also giving way to an increasing number of unwanted incidents. In Arizona, for example, officials report that they are seeing new cases involving exposure to nicotine. Victims either inhale, spill or swallow the liquid drug from electronic cigarettes.

More Calls Received

According to the Banner Good Samaritan Poison & Drug Information Center, the number of calls they received last year was 24 for the nicotine exposures from the ecigarettes. More alarming was that 13 of the 24 calls involved children. In 2012, there were only 4 calls that involved children.

Only on the first few weeks of 2014, the center reported to have received 6 calls already wherein 4 involved children. Co-medical director of the center Dr. Frank LoVecchio remarked that this is quite concerning. He added that the public needs to be educated about nicotine being very toxic and associated with deaths.

Nationwide poison control centers were said to have received 438 cases of nicotine ecigarette exposures in 2012, the latest available figure from National Poison Data System. This figure was only 256 cases back in 2011. Each year, almost half of the total number of cases affected young children aged 5 years old and younger.

Severe poisoning from nicotine is displayed through symptoms such as irregular heartbeat, dizziness, too much salivation, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain and nausea, said US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

According to LoVecchio, refillable ecigarettes have cartridges where the nicotine liquid is contained. The amount of nicotine held is typically equivalent to about two packs of regular cigarettes. This amount is very fatal to any toddler who would accidentally ingest the substance.

Nicotine Ecigarette Exposures In Different Ways

Exposures to the toxic substance occur not just when the victim has swallowed or ingested it. Doctors are likewise concerned about exposures that can occur when the substance has come in contact with the skin such as when the liquid is accidentally spilled from the containers. Some eliquid bottles are opened very easily.

Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center is a part of University of Arizona’s College of Pharmacy. Its medical doctor Dr. F. Mazda Shirazi has stated that these ecig devices should be considered just like dangerous medications. They need to be kept in medicine cabinets or in other storage places that children cannot easily access.

Shirazi added that the effect of nicotine is a small kid is similar to when the child is exposed to pesticides. Not a lot of information is available for ecigarettes, said LoVecchio. It is not known what effects secondhand vapors have; what ecig ingredients can cause cancer, etc. Another concern is that it s now perceived that inhaling vaporized nicotine is safe.

LoVecchio explained that there are many instances when people believe that something is safe just because it came from a plant. He also mentioned that the flavors added to the eliquids make the products look like ice cream and they attract children.

He added that they are upset of these flavorings. Added flavors essentially make the product great tasting. In one recent study, it was confirmed that ecig flavorings are important in helping smokers to remain vaping and continuously keep them away from cigarettes. Yet, many health experts and public health officials are attacking the industry with claims that these flavors are only meant to target children.

Ecig sales to minors have already been banned in Arizona last year. This ban has also been supported by the ecig vendors who have actually been selling only to adults even before the law was approved. Many responsible ecig vendors believe that ecigarettes are products meant only for adults. However, to fully protect young children from unwanted incidents like poisoning, adult users must practice responsible vaping at all times.

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