Right Outside: For Children’s Protection Against Secondhand Smoke

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Right Outside is the new campaign that strives to save 50,000 children from secondhand smoke exposure. This is an initiative of the Scottish government asking parents to take their smoking rights outside cars and homes.

Current measures taken by smoking parents like opening the windows are insufficient protection against the hazardous smoke. Scotland’s public health minister Michael Matheson stated that every child deserves to grow up in smoke-free environment.

Right Outside

According to the Scottish government, the campaign will help people understand that smoking seriously pollutes the air. It will also outline simple measures and steps for achieving smoke-free cars and homes.

85% of secondhand smoke, according to research, is odorless and invisible. Thus, many are not aware that smoking indoors even while the windows and doors are open could still be dangerous to children. Harmful chemicals could still linger and drift inside the home.

This campaign also aims to reduce the quantity of children who are exposed to secondhand smoke to 6% from 12% by year 2010. This would be equivalent to 50,000 children. It is purported that over 20,000lower respiratory infection cases are caused by passive smoking. There are also 20,000 or more new cases of asthma and wheezing in UK children each year due to passive smoke. One in every 5 cot deaths also results from secondhand smoke.

Smoking Ban In Cars

The House of Lords in England supported the Labor plan for banning smoking inside cars where there are children passengers. Matheson stated that the campaign is all about the education of parents concerning smoke effects rather than curtailing the smoking choice.

He remarked that they want every Scottish child to grow up in smoke-free environment. He added that many people actually think what they do is already enough to prevent their children from passive smoking, but secondhand smoke lingers without being seen or smelled.

The immune system of children is not yet developed. They breathe quicker than adults and smoking at home or inside a vehicle with them endangers children.

Home Pollution Due To Smoking

Dr. Sean Semple’s research contributed to Right Outside campaign. Semple is from the University of Aberdeen and he said that in the past 5 years, he and his research team have measured the air pollution in more than 100 homes all over Scotland.

He explained that homes of smokers have really high concentrations of very small particles that are much higher than the worst pollution in busiest roads in the country. Furthermore, secondhand smoke lingers.

In over 1/5 of all cases, secondhand smoke takes over 5 hours to clear. At this time, harmful chemicals have already moved around the home.

British Lung Foundation Scotland head James Cant said that every parent want to do something right for his/her child. The campaign will offer parents with information and tools they need.

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Tips For Smoke-Free Home

Everyone’s situation is unique and the campaign strives to address the distinctive needs and situations of parents in attaining smoke-free homes.

If the house has no balcony or outside space, a parent could ask somebody to look after the children for 5 minutes while he/she goes outside to smoke. There are also other opportunities to smoke aside from puffing inside the home such as taking the garbage outside, going to work or office or on the way to the market or shops. To get through your cravings, there are nicotine inhalers and gums to use in the meantime.

If you alone are looking after the kids, find a safe outside area where they could play as you watch over them while smoking. If visitors will come over to your house, make an effort to inform them that you have decided to make your home smoke-free for the children.

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