Responsible Ecig Marketing From JAC Vapour

Chelsea May 30, 2014 0

JAC Vapour, renowned industry innovator, has started to promote responsible ecig marketing through its new and creative advert. The company is a provider of one of the leading brands of high quality ecigs in the UK.

JAC Vapour’s First Major Ad

It recently announced its very first major advertising campaign. The ad will be rolled out over the following two months all over Edinburgh and London.

This innovative ad campaign aims to set JAC ecigs as premium quality devices. There are no lifestyle images used in the ads that will glamorize vaping with JAC products. This responsible ecig marketing approach goes toward the opposite direction that most ecig companies are taking these days in promoting their products.

The ad campaign is expected to incorporate a combination of outdoor and digital advertising. There will be 6 sheets and taxis along with health screens inside pharmacies and GP surgeries to be featured.

Firefly and Troyka agencies from Edinburgh were the producers of the creative that was booked by Spirit Media. This creative is said to shine the spotlight on JAC Vapour, one of the best looking and most advanced products in the market.

Eye-Catching Adverts

The striking adverts are set with white background and feature the remarkable images of JAC ecigs. These ads allow the products to talk to the consumers.

These adverts are modern and minimalistic showcasing the signature colors of JAC Vapour: red, white and navy. The purpose is to communicate the commitment of the brand to industry innovation. The ads will also feature shots of the first and the second generation JAC products along with slogans referencing the evolution. Examples of slogans to be used are Full Steam Ahead and Because Habits Evolve.

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Targeting The Right Audiences

This responsible ecig marketing campaign is said to target only adult smokers and existing vapers. The ads will be launched ahead of the expected clampdown in the UK.

Emma Logan is one of the founders of JAC Vapour and she commented that ecigs are not tobacco so they should not be marketed as such. Ecig marketing and promotion that are executed by many bother ecigarette companies are often attacked and opposed because their campaigns closely resemble the strategies used by Big Tobacco before. By choosing not to follow this trend, JAC ad campaign could avoid criticisms.

When smokers transition to vaping, they immediately understand that ecigs are technological devices. Like other gadgets, ecigs should be used mainly with performance, quality and reliability. These are attributes that JAC Vapour products possess.

Logan also said that their campaign was made in order to reflect the stylish and premium nature of the products. The campaign will highlight JAC as a one stop shop for all the needs of vapers, regardless if they are beginners or veterans.

Not A Passing Fad

Vaping was considered only a passing fad, but it has proven to be more than that. There are now roughly 1.3 million and more people in UK who vape.

Ecigs were initially developed to provide smokers with healthier tobacco cigarette alternatives. Vaping mimics the rituals of smoking, but produces no harmful secondhand smoke components like tar, toxins, etc.

JAC Vapour was founded back in 2010 and is now based in Edinburgh. It produces products that look best, perform best and satisfy best because they are all high quality products. JAC team has a solid commitment to the development of new products that will suit the needs of vapers.

Only last month of March, JAC Vapour launched its Clear Steam eliquid. It is a revolutionary eliquid product that produces and emits no visible vapors when the user exhales.

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