Possible Workers’ Strike Due To Withheld Ecig Policy

Chelsea November 25, 2013 0

Many companies and employers are nowadays joining the fad on prohibiting the use of electronic cigarettes. Thus, they are also enforcing an ecig policy of their own. However, a recent incident seems to show that the ecig policy decided upon by one company was not clearly communicated to its employees.

Possible Workers’ Strike At Croydon

Workers at Croydon Borough’s major landfill site have expressed their intention to conduct a strike after their colleague, Paul Scott, was fired just because he used an electronic cigarette while inside the landfill facility.

Paul Scott, 55 years old, is obviously upset over his job loss due to vaping. UNITE trade union has accused Scott’s employer, Viridor, for inappropriately dismissing him from his job.

Viridor is the company that runs a waste facility located in the Beddington Lane. Scott has been working there for already 7 years. Scott is from Carshalton and according to Viridor, he was spotted by the manager smoking, an action that has violated the smoking regulations in the workplace.

According to Scott, he had been using an electronic cigarette in his aim to quit from smoking cigarettes. Back then, Scott said that he was not aware that an ecig policy was in place and he did not think that the device is covered by the currently enforced smoking policy in Viridor.

Failure To Announce Ecig Policy

Scott stated that on his disciplinary hearing, he was told that using an electronic cigarette or vaping was not allowed. Apparently, it was a new amendment to the company smoking policy, but was not announced to any of the workers including Scott.

Viridor spokesman stated that a full bodied investigation was performed which found out that Scott indeed violate the policies. As a result, the poor, unknowing employee was fired.

Support For Union Member

UNITE’s regional officer, Onay Kasab, stated that along with making a claim for Scott’s unfair dismissal, the trade union is also now discussing with its members to take their respective actions.

If ever a strike will push through, Kasab mentioned that it will take place around middle of December up to Christmas.

If the employees of the landfill site would go on strike, it will have a serious effect on the bin collections in Croydon because the facility will not function efficiently. Wastes and rubbish would have to be taken and thrown somewhere else.

Crucial Waste Company Operation

This Beddington Lane landfill site where Scott used to work actually handles about 63% of the wastes not just from Croydon, but also from Merton, Sutton and Kingston. There are about 20 workers in this facility and a reduction or even non existence of workers in the facility would lead to serious problem in waste collection and management.

Kasab described Scott’s case as terrible. He said that the man lost his job all because a manager said that he thought that he saw Scott smoking the prohibited cigarette.

There is an appalling lack of evidence. The man even provided more than rational explanation. UNITE members have been formally consulted and asked to support a fellow member.

Scott mentioned that he was really annoyed are irate on how he was treated by Viridor. He said that he will push this case to the employment tribunal. For a long time, Scott conveyed, he has worked in the industry and in this landfill plant for many years.

The ecig policy, which Viridor said has been violated by Scott, was not announced, according to him. It makes him even more annoyed because he was never charged for any disciplinary measures before. If he knew about the vaping policy, he would have not used the device.

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