Picolibri Pyra: Wood And Brass Perfectly Combined

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Picolibri Pyra is one of the several French-made devices whose craftsmanship is truly impeccable. Picolibri is French brand that has maintained its reputation for building and creating premium crafted and timelessly stylish pieces of vaporizers using only high quality materials.


This same prestige and level of sophistication is still present in its newly released Pyra ecig box mod. Picolibri Pyra is the perfect combination of wood and brass offering vapers a higher level of class. Each Pyra piece is meticulously handcrafted in France using rolled brass and exotic Gaboon Ebony.


At the core of Pyra is the extremely intelligent chipset, DNA30 from Evolv. DNA30 makes Pyra a smart box mod because it endows it with the ability to offer a very customizable vaping experience. The user could adjust wattage up to 30 watts.

Plus, there are also other integrated safety features in Pyra that DNA30 provides. Pyra is undoubtedly one of the rarest devices that provide uncompromised luxury, functional versatility and appealing aesthetics. All these qualities will definitely exceed any vaping enthusiast’s expectations.

DNA30 offers regulated power with a digital switch mode Dc to DC converter. There is also a small OLED display in DNA30 along with onboard buttons. Maximum battery life is achieved through synchronous rectification that also makes for minimal heat generation.


This handmade mod from France features a brass510- connector. Each device possesses a unique serial number. Pyra is designed to accommodate 18650-battery. It also features a pass-through charging capability through a Micro USB port so you can have uncompromised vaping enjoyment even while the battery is charging.

Vital details such as wattage and resistance would be displayed on its Digital OLED screen. Accessories are already included when you purchase the Pyra package such as Wood treatment wax and microfiber polishing cloth.

The output power is from 7 to 30 watts while output voltage is from 4 to 8.3 volts. The output current of Pyra is 10 Amps. The atomizer resistance is 0.5 to 3.0 ohms. Input voltage is from 3.2 to 4.3 volts while input current is from 1.5 to 12 Amps.

Uniquely Stylish

Pyra is glamorous, original natural and unique for a precious, fashionable and pleasurable vaping. It could be simple sometimes. All of it could not be summed up using only a few words.

Arts of excellence and preciousness are the passionate cultivation of Picolibri. Every product is brand makes is the fruit of research and demanding selection.

Picolibri Box Mods resulted from the natural combination of refined delicate forms and unique materials that were carefully selected from worldwide sources. Picolibri offers simplicity with harmonious balance of excellence.

Where To Buy

Only a few retailers and vendors were luckily selected by Picolibri to distribute it excellent, yet simple products.

In USA and Canada, the lucky selected distributor is Vaperev whose store is located at 15971 Piuma Ave., Cerritos CA, 90703 , USA. You could check out its website and Facebook page and submit inquiries using its email address at info@vaperev.com.

If you are from Malaysia, you could order Pyra from Vapebrothers located at B-G-12, Jalan PJU 1/43, Aman Suria Damansara, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. You may submit inquiries to info@vapebrothers.com or call it at +60123322070. Vapebrothers also has a website and a Facebook page you could check out.

If you are from the Philippines, purchase Picolibri items from Vape Joint at Unit 3, 8 Jade Building, Santolan Road corner Ortigas Avenue, San Juan del Monte. Philippines. You may contact it through its Facebook page or email vapejoint@gmail.com or call it at +63 929 896 9366.

French and Swiss vapers could buy their Picolibri from Vap’house (Address: 65 Avenue de la gare, 74100 Annmeasse, France; Email: vaphouse74@gmail.com; Phone: +33 0973590778). Check out its website and Facebook page too.

Serving the Italian vapers is Zeuxx (Address: Via Modena, 178, Ferrara, Italy; Email: info@zeuxx.com; Phone: 3200616623 or 3487547880) that also distributes Picolibri products. Check out the Facebook page and website of this vendor.

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