Passive Smoking Affects Unborn Children

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Passive smoking has negative effects on the well-being of unborn children inside pregnant women’s wombs. According to the medical expert Dr. Jo Leonardi-Bee, pregnant women who inhale tobacco toxins by active smokers could cause danger to the fetus.

Incidentally, there was a research done to look at the probable effects of passive smoking on congenital birth defects, newborn death and miscarriage. This study found that passive smoking essentially increases still birth risks by up to ¼ or 23%. It is also linked to the 13% more congenital birth defects risks increase.

The study results emphasize the importance of deterring expectant fathers from their cigarette or tobacco smoking especially around their pregnant partners. Women must also be warned about the potential dangers of passive smoking during pregnancy and even before conception.

Smoking During Pregnancy

Leonardi-Bee also explained that mothers who smoke while they are pregnant are widely known to cause various types of health risks to the unborn baby such as low birth weight, fetal mortality, premature birth and other birth defects like club foot, heart problems and cleft palate.

It is not just first hand smoke (smoke that a smoker inhales) that carries loads of toxins and other harmful components; but also passive smoke or secondhand smoke (smoke that the smoker exhales and smelled by other people).

The same range of toxins is experienced by bystanders. Although the toxin levels might be lower in secondhand smoke, all the pregnancy complications risks could be amplified by exposure to the passive smoke.

Researchers of the study explained that the male partners of the pregnant women should be more knowledgeable about that the dangers they actually expose their unborn children to great dangers. Women should be protected before and during their pregnancy.

Dr. Leonardi-Bee also added that they still do not know if the sidestream smoke effect that the woman breathes in that increases the risks or the direct effect of mainstream smoke the father exhales and affects sperm production. Both could be contributing to the increased risks of pregnancy and birth complications.

This issue ought to be studied more, but it has already been established that smoking could degrade a man’s sperm development. Thus, a male smoker should consider quitting smoking prior to attempting to conceive.

Moreover, it is also important to come up with other good health and medical interventions so as to reduce pregnant woman’s exposure to smoke. One possible solution is for the partner to use smoke cessation tools like NRTs or temporary abstinence at home and inside the car when the pregnant woman is around.

The Number Of Cigarettes Count

According to the data obtained by the study, the risks are also related to the number of cigarettes smoked. If the pregnant mom is exposed to at least 10 cigarettes, the risks would be adequately increased so it is very important that men cut down their cigarette smoke. This might require serious amounts of efforts, but expectant fathers should be doing this for the sake of their partners and their children.

If one’s health is not enough for an expectant father to quit smoking, perhaps the health of his unborn child will give him more reasons to ditch the habit. Apart from the possible dangers that a child might face, pregnancy is equally a life-threatening situation for any woman.

Pregnancy may bring sheer joy to anyone. Yet, it is s situation that is dangerous as crucial. A woman is faced with greater challenges while pregnant. This should be realized by expectant fathers. Carrying a child inside one’s womb is a big challenge and responsibility. As the father of the child, it is only proper that fathers also help in ensuring their children and partners are safe.

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