Pairing Electronic Cigarettes With Drinks

Chelsea January 11, 2014 0

Electronic cigarettes are among today’s hottest trends and they are gradually replacing real cigarettes in various aspects of life including pairing with alcohol or drinking any other types of beverages.

Drinks And Electronic Cigarettes

Spoon is to fork; butter is to bread and smoking is to drinking.  While these are the usual matches we use and see, there are instances when one component of the pair could be replaced by something better.

When eating steak, you will find t better to use a knife instead of a spoon with your fork. There are mornings when you feel like not eating bread with butter. Instead, you would like peanut butter or fruit jam with your toast.

In the same regard, if you wish not to be troubled by the risks and hassles of tobacco smoke, you would be smart to pair ecigarettes with your beverages and drinks.  This way, you will even have a better time drinking because you can taste the flavors of cocktails better.  Your drink will not be tainted with the disgusting flavors of burning tobacco.

Moreover, when you choose to use ecigs rather than conventional cigarettes,  you need not bother other people around you like your friends or family with the smoke you exhale.  They might even appreciate the delicious smell of your vapors.


Pairing Electronic Cigarettes With Drinks

Drinks And Vapors Pairing

V2 cigs, one of the premier ecig companies and brands in today’s vaping market,  has various electronic cigarette flavors that you could vape along with your favorite drinks. In fact, on the V2 blog, there is even a post that offers suggestions on what beverages are great to pair with your V2 flavors.

Cinnamon With Holiday Eggnog

Christmas Day has already passed, but this does not mean  you are not allowed to enjoy this classic cocktail on non-Christmas days.

The basic eggnog recipe is simple to make. You just beat some eggs added with sugar, cream, milk and any kind of spirit. If you like, you could search online for more varieties of eggnog, but regardless of the eggnog variant you are drinking, every sip of it will definitely be great while vaping with cinnamon flavored e-liquid.

Classic Tobacco Flavor With Beer

Classic with Classis is definitely a good pair.  Classic tobacco flavor from V2 Red is perfect to go with your classic beer, an all-time favorite alcoholic drink. Beer is just a typical drink that everyone can enjoy no matter what day of the year it is.

You can settle for a cheap brand of beer or you can also go for more expensive, yet more savory brands of beer. Regardless of brand, this beer drinking will be made more special if paired with electronic cigarettes instead of traditional cigarettes.

Whether you are eating pizza with beer or chilling out on a warm night on your veranda while drinking beer; vaping with V2 Red will definitely make your time more worthwhile.

If you are drinking beer in a bar, ask the staff first if you would be allowed to use your ecigs so your gimmick with friends will become more memorable.

Cola and Rum

Rum Cola is a cocktail commonly asked for and drank in clubs because of its simple, yet delicious mix. With V2 Cola, you can try something different for this combination.  You can sip your rum with ice while vaping with V2 cola.  Surely, your taste buds will be delighted with the mixed flavors of your drink and your vape.

Cherry And Vodka

If you like to have something more posh, you can opt for vodka in a nice tall glass. You may put a cherry in it if you like and boost the cherry goodness by vaping V2 Cherry.  Each puff from this vape will surely pamper your taste buds with the very cherry fruity sweet essence of the fruit while you sip your vodka.

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