Organically Vaping Cotton Candy With Virgin Vapor

Chelsea October 25, 2013 0

According to Virgin Vapor, all its e-liquids are flavored using certified organic flavorings.  Artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors are never used.  Virgin Vapor e-liquids that likewise contain nicotine, USP grade vegetable glycerin, ethyl alcohol and distilled water are packaged inside a glass container instead of plastic.  If you like PG liquids, you may also request for them.

Now if you love cotton candy and would like to vape it, Then Virgin Vapor’s Organic Cotton Candy Carnival will be your best bet for an organic cotton candy vape.

Vaping An Actual Cotton Candy

Perhaps the reason why this e-liquid flavor has been highly acclaimed by many vapers is because it simply does not deliver a sweet taste.  Instead, every puff delivers exactly the taste of a favorite treat. Puffing on this e-liquid will give you clouds of vapor, but a throat hit that is not so strong, yet satisfying.

Yet, if you like more that sweet vaping and would like to get your throat hit, the tip is to take only slow and long drags.  Avail V2 Cigs for less just by using V2 Cigs promo coupons!

Some vapers, upon hearing about the positive feedback about this liquid flavor are somewhat expecting to only taste it sweet. Yet, as soon as they also get to taste this Organic Cotton Candy Carnival, they are surprised about how it tastes like the real cotton candy.

Vaping Throughout The Day

This is the kind of dessert you can always have anytime of the day, be it in the morning, noon or evening.  It can satisfy your sweet carvings without adding calories to your diet. It’s a guilt-free way of enjoying desserts.

Trivia About The E-liquid Flavor

This flavor was initially released as a limited edition flavor only when Virgin Vapor gave it as free gift for Halloween to their customers.  However, the flavor received a lot of positive feedback that the company decided to put it on regular rotation.

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