Organic Vaping Tonic Offered By Holi Smokes

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Holi Smokes is a branch of MILOS Systems Ltd, which is a company from New Zealand, but has different offices worldwide. It was founded by Sifu Dai Léon who is globally recognized in the East-West preventative medicine, sustainable wellness and healing arts. Thus, it is no wonder that Holi Smokes offers its Organic Vaping Tonic.

The creation of Holi Smokes was meant to create sustainable, enjoyable and commonly encouraged means for people to completely benefit from the essential plant life.

The vaping tonics are e-liquids that are organic and wholesome; intended for those individuals who have decided to switch to this kind of lifestyle. They are great alternatives to tobacco smoking and other smoke recreational activities.

Organic Vaping Tonic e-Liquids

Holi Smokes offers the most sophisticated vaping liquid brand available in the current market. each e-liquid is scientifically formulated and tested using FDA approved organic flavoring.

Proprietary methods are used to process the e-liquid flavors with the carrier base consisting of the highest grade Certified Organic Vegetable Extract.

The e-liquids can be bought in 5 ml vials or 14 ml Boston round glass bottles. The 3-pack Motif is the most cost efficient way to purchase these e-liquids that can last for weeks.

This Holi Smokes Vaping Tonic are flavorful and fragrant. They are ideal for dripping into a cartridge, drip tip or tank. The liquid base is nicotine free and uses 100% organic Vegetable Glycerin.

There are no alcohol or additives apart from the organic flavors added to the liquid solution.

VG Instead Of PG

Rather than propylene glycol that other brands commonly use, Holi Smokes tonic is made with VG by which a tincture is also made from. Like alcohol, VG extracts and blends the flavor very well.

VG is also the simplest and safest plant extract that is also used in medicines, beauty products, shampoos, soaps and other toiletries. It is also soluble in water and in alcohol.

PG is typically used in ecigs because it can be easily vaporized even by weak batteries. There is also no organic PG, even if it is cheaper.

Some Flavors To Try

Angel’s Gift is one of the flavors under its Dreamy Motif. It offers the essences of lemon, tea tree and pettigrain. The 5 ml vial could last for days while the 14 ml can offer weeks of enjoyable organic vaping.

The Sinbad’s Sword is a under the Charged flavor category. It exudes the primary flavors of caraway, peppermint and ginger. This is a bold tonic that strikes fast and is perfect for lung energy and is a great flavor for all day vape.

Aphrodite’s Lips is under the Citrus Flavor. It offers essences of jasmine, allspice and patchouli. The timeless swirls of this tonic can make you feel like you are with the ancient goddess. It is femininely subtle, alluring and graceful. The exquisite floral elements is greatly balanced with the toasty sweet smooth flavor of this juice.

Gopis Playing is categorized under Communal Flavors that has mandarin, spearmint and fennel. Relaxed fun is what this juice flavor offers. It is a welcome tonic flavor for any event with its exotic spiciness that is reminiscent of earthy, distant land and citrus hints.

Under the Floral flavor category is Coming Utopia that delivers tastes of chamomile, tarragon and anise. A trans orgasmic vape juice, it can easily offer you with lasting pleasure and bliss with its indescribable aroma, smoothness, sweetness, subtle spiciness and creaminess.

Buddha’s Mirror is an Herbaceous flavor. It provides you the blended flavors of cinnamon, turmeric and marjoram. It is a psychic reflection in every puff of this flavor that will transcend your mundane life into meditative experience. It possesses an intense herbal sweetness with creamy smooth finish that lingers in your breath.

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