Options For Kids Include Candy-Flavored Ecigs

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Although electronic cigarettes are obviously better than real cigarettes, many critics remain bigoted about them. The cause for disapproval is the tempting taste in the products such as candy-flavored ecigs.

Importance Of Ecig Flavors

Candy-flavored ecigs and other decadent flavors are important for adult vapers; something that critics need to consider even before they castigate ecigarette flavors and before they accuse the industry of luring the youth.

A recent study entitled ‘Impact of Flavour Variability on Electronic Cigarette Use Experience: An Internet Survey’ performed by Konstantinos Farsalinos, Giorgio Romagna, Dimitris Tsiapras, Stamatis Stamatis Kyrzopoulos, Alketa Spyrou and Vassilis Voudris was published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

This study provides supporting evidence that the variety of eliquid flavors is vital in quitting cigarette smoking through vaping. While ecigarettes are indeed not approved by the FDA as smoke cessation tools, even regulators cannot deny the fact that the devices have already helped a lot of smokers in giving up their habit of smoking.

Critics are pushing for a law that will restrict or limit the flavors of ecigarettes in order to remove from the market any other flavors that will appeal to the youth. Smokers who are new to vaping would typically choose classic tobacco flavors. Yet, when they continue to vape, their sense of taste gradually comes back.

Like a rebirth of their taste abilities, these people are once again discovering flavors that stimulate their senses. From the typical tobacco, their taste buds start to explore other flavors such as candies, desserts, fruits, beverages and more. Studies like this have limitations, but its core finding makes its hard to deny that flavors are significant for vapers.

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More Kids Using Ecigs

CDC published a survey that said 1 in every 5 middle school students who admitted of trying an ecig said that they never have smoked real cigarettes. The report also said that in 2011-2012, the number of high and middle school students who used ecigs doubled.

Viviana Turincio is an 8th grader in San Francisco Bay. She said that she recently noticed that it looked as if kids were smoking them in class. She recalled that one group seated at a table was smoking a vape pen, but the teacher who was there did not notice.

Ecig vapors may look like smoke, but unlike smoke, they dissipate quickly and even smell great depending on the flavor. Viviana added that her favorite flavor is the gummy bear. Kids like Viviana prefer sweet and dessert inspired vapor liquids.

Marleny Samoyoa is another 8th grader who thinks that tobacco cigarette has bitter taste. This is what vapers begin to realize when their taste sensation is recovered through vaping. They realize that tobacco tastes horribly so they decide to try more flavors of eliquids that will satisfy their taste buds.

Another reason that more kids are using candy-flavored ecigs is that there are no federal laws restricting ecig sale to minors. Thus, more and more states and municipalities are now enforcing such ecig regulations to keep children from accessing the products that are not meant for them. Even though not all eliquids contain nicotine, most of the products available are laced with nicotine.

Lack of strict regulations, critics say, make it difficult for buyers to know whether their purchased ecigs really contain no nicotine at all. There could even be other ingredients added to the liquid solution that consumers would not know. Marleny said that many kids get their stuff online.

Kids think that ecigs are cool. They talk about them on social media sites. They upload pictures of themselves doing various tricks with blowing of vapors.

Lack Of Ecig Data

The effects of long term ecig use are not yet known. Yet, available study results show that vaping is a lot safer than smoking. Despite lack of research, many smokers who have switched to vaping are all attesting that vaping has brought great improvements to their health and to their lives.

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