Opposing Sentiments On Ecigarette Use In UCF

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Mixed emotions and opposing sentiments are what students have regarding ecigarette use in UCF. They have different stands on whether electronic cigarettes must be allowed or not in the smoke free campus.

Electronic cigarettes have been constantly booming and one possible cause for this is the promotion of ecigarettes as healthier alternatives in curbing cravings for tobacco. Many smokers are making the transition from smoking to vaping.

Sales of ecigs have amounted to $1.7 billion last 2013. However, most of the debates regarding health would normally include these ecigs. Advocates claim that electronic cigarettes can save lives while prohibitionists argue that they are merely new forms of nicotine addiction.

Considered As Quitting Aid

Freshman stiuident James Baxter is taking up major on Software Developmet. He said that while drinking, he also smokes cigarettes. Yet, during the day, he uses ecigarettes in his attempt to give up the habit.

He also said that while his friends (non-smokers) never allow him to light up cigarettes inside their homes, they appear to accept his vaping habit. He believes that toggling between the two types of cigarettes has assisted him in his quitting journey.

He said that ecigs helped him reduce his cigarette consumption and hopes that the devices are indeed healthier.

There is no tobacco in ecigarettes, only liquid solution that may or may not have nicotine. These products are believed to be safer than real cigarettes because there are none of the 4,000 chemicals in tobacco smoke that ecigs contain or give off.

The ecig functions without involving any combustion. The atomizer heats up the liquid to create vapors instead of smoke. Studies have also affirmed that there are no second hand vaping risks, but some anti-ecig groups do not recognize these studies so they continue to proclaim that ecigs may have secondhand vapors.

Many smokers also like the fact that the liquid solution or e-liquid come in various flavors like bubble gum or chocolate.

Practical And Convenient

Ecigs are also considered more cost-effective than traditional fags. Electronic cigarettes are sold in disposable and in rechargeable/refillable forms. Disposable types cost $8-15 and refillables may cost about $30, explained Up In Smoke Tobacco Shop Manager Will Jaramillo.

A smoker can save a lot of money from ecigarette use. Moreover, these alternative smoking devices are also convenient to use.

There are no lighters or matches, ashtrays and other paraphernalia needed to use it. You can just inhale through it or press a button before inhaling.

Jaramillo also said that he smokes hookah, which can be quite messy. He explained that ecigs are like hookahs on the go and are thus more convenient. Their store, Up In Smoke, is just a few minutes from the campus and thus get a lot of business flow with students.

He cannot give any specific number, but stated that students do buy electronic cigarettes. He said he sees students using ecigs as alternatives to real cigarettes.

Smoke Free Policy At UCF

It was August 2012 when the campus began adoption of smoke free policy. Everyone is encouraged not to smoke when inside the campus, but the policy cannot be actually implemented.

Adding insult to injury, student smokers now even get around the law with the availability of ecigarettes. These people have found a loophole in the policy that enables them to puff while inside the campus.

Students are now taking sides on whether ecigarette use should be allowed or not in campus. Junior student of Electrical engineering Benjamin Atsu said that he thinks there is no problem if vaping has no side effects.

Junior student of Biotechnology Leticia Sommerlatte, however, disputed and said that she does not like vaping because she is against things that look like smoking.

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