Non-Smoker Thinks Ecigarette Bans Are Crazy

Chelsea January 31, 2014 0

Perception or motivation can be mirrored from a person’s statements. In Sam Rowe’s article on the Telegraph last January 27, it is definitely his positive perception about ecigarettes that any reader could discern. This radical non-smoker believes that ecigarette bans in public places are ludicrous and irrelevant.

Unlike Other Non-smokers

Many of the anti-ecig individuals are non-smokers who think that vaping is smoking and could likewise kill people. Sam Rowe is different from them. He may be against smoking, but not against vaping.

There is a proposed ecigarette ban in EU that will be effective once at least 3 of the 28 member states decides to prohibit the use of the devices. Rowe thinks this is unfair.

All over Europe, the ecig industry costs about £1.7 billion and 1.3 million of the roughly 10 million Britons now use ecigarettes. Ecig use mimics smoking; yet there is no smoke. The battery operated device contains a flavored liquid solution (often laced with nicotine) that is heated to create vapors that the user can inhale/exhale.

Ecigs may not be 100% perfect, but experts have claimed that there are serious no risks or harms from these devices and they could serve as potential saviors to 100,000 people who die from tobacco-related cause a year. Vapors from electronic cigarettes were found in many studies to be safe for the users and for the bystanders. The ecigarette bans is compared by Rowe to kicking a panting smoker while he is lying down.

The new government legislation will ban the sale of ecigarettes to anyone less than 18 years of age. At some points, this law seems sensible since the long-term effects of vaping remains unknown and that glamorizing smoking to children is not a good idea.

Insignificant Ecigarette Bans

In Rowe’s piece, he mentioned that there is methadone for heroin addicts. Methadone is the opiate that doctors prescribe to addicted patients as substitute for the device. Electronic cigarettes also carry the same weight and offer similar benefits.

Ecigarettes are tobacco-free and a study conducted showed they are as effective as the nicotine patches. If methadone is allowed, banning ecigarettes is both petty and cruel.

Ecigarettes are already banned in some countries like Brazil and Norway. In New York City, the recently signed law on public ecig use will start enforcement by April. This NYC’s prevailing factors include the normalization of smoking among the impressionable youth. Such idea is insulting to the youths and to the vapers.

Another complaint of critics is that vaping can cause confusion to other patrons in restaurants or bars and could muddle the current smoking policies since vapors look like smoke. Using the same logic, Rowe stated that sugar might soon be outlawed too since it looks like cocaine from afar.

The way electronic cigarettes are marketed is also another ground of ecig criticisms. Detractors argue that ecigarette advertising today is like the tobacco marketing of yesterday. They disapprove of the flashy ecig adverts on newspapers, celebrity endorsements, event sponsorship, etc. There is truth in this, but Rowe said that these are also staple advertising tactics that are used by other businesses such as McDonalds and money-lending institutions.

Today’s smokers have been receiving and facing such cruel treatments from society. They get thrown out from restaurants and bars; they pay such a large sum on cigarette taxes, etc. Then, here comes the groundbreaking technology of electronic cigarettes that allow smokers to still enjoy smoking and at the same time quit smoking.

These smokers switching to electronic cigarettes are trying their best to stop their addiction. If they are punished for their smoking habits, then they should be celebrated and supported for their wise decision to quit smoking.

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